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Everyone has the same objective when finding and buying the best ugly Christmas sweaters: to get attention and make people laugh at all of your holiday parties this year.

If that’s your main goal when shopping for hideous Christmas sweaters, you’re on the right track. Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters is a tradition in my household, and it’s one of the best things about our Christmas shenanigans. Well, that and the heavy consumption of alcohol. But before you can consume a hefty amount of liquor, you must get your attire right.

Best Ugly Sweaters for This Holiday 

You have to find the best ugly Christmas sweater you can get your hands on. Not to sound dramatic but without it, your entire Christmas holiday will be ruined. Yes, that’s how serious the sweater game is. So without further ado, here are our best ugly Christmas sweaters for this holiday season.




Women’s Red Filthy Animal Ugly Christmas Sweater

Of course, this classic Home Alone ugly Christmas sweater was going to appear on our list! We don’t care what anyone says, you must own a hideous movie-themed Christmas sweater. And this one takes the cake, any day!


Men’s Filthy Animal Ugly Christmas Sweater

Any couple who rocks up to a Christmas function wearing these ugly and funny Christmas sweaters will be the real OG’s. Everyone knows where this line comes from (we hope) and it always manages to bring out drunk people’s ”Johnny” impersonations, with them spitting a ton and thinking they sound like a machine gun, followed by the line “keep the change, ya filthy animal.” Ah, you’ve got to love a classic!

Carmichael Red Off-the-Shoulder Knit Sweater

If you still want to participate without the silly sweaters and want something warm but elegant, Lulus has many sweaters that are both those things! This Red Carmichael Off-Shoulder Sweater will be cute with a pair of skinny jeans and cute boots. You may not win any awards for an ugly sweater, but you’ll win the night for looking adorable!


Women’s Rick and Morty Happy Human Holiday

Who isn’t a fan of Rick and Morty? This quirky, smart-aleck, way-over-your-head comedy makes for a great ugly sweater. Get yours, and show up to the ugly sweater party with the most impressive outfit there!

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub – Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas Sweater

Wanna bring some good ol’ Rick fun to Christmas day? We picked a few of these too for our favorite this season! There are so many Rick and Morty ugly Christmas sweaters from which to choose, including this blue one!

Women’s Fighting Ginjas Gingerbread Ninjas Funny Sweater

Are we the only one’s laughing at this sweater? Gingers ninjas… Ginjas? *crickets* Okay, definitely just us. If you’re looking for the best ugly Christmas sweater to win you a prize at your family’s annual competition, this one may be the lucky winner. Combine the cringe-worthy concept along with the ugly colors and graphics, and you’ve got yourself one hella ugly sweater! Enjoy!

Women’s Red 3-D Best Ugly Christmas Sweater with Stuffed Moose

best ugly Christmas sweater 3

Okay, okay, hear us out. This “ugly” Christmas sweater has to be the cutest one on our list! How can you call the stuffed moose in the center ugly? You can’t. There’s just no saying it. Show off your Christmas cheer and wear this “ugly” Christmas sweater with pride.

Men’s Red 3-D Sweater with Stuffed Moose

If you and your SO rock up to a holiday party in these bright red, protruding moose sweaters, you’re going to be the life of the party. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to dance with THAT couple? The correct answer… No one!

Women’s Tree Rex Light Up T-Rex Ugly Christmas Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweater 2

Okay, seriously, who doesn’t want an ugly Christmas sweater that LIGHTS up? This sweater is a winner just because of that awesome feature. Never mind the hideous T-Rex and cringe-worthy joke splattered on the front.

Women’s Dr Seuss Grinch As Santa Next To Tree Adult Off-White Sweater

best ugly Christmas sweater 1

Are you a true Grinch at heart? Don’t hide your true colors this Christmas and show off your likeness to the grouchy lovable character from the wonderful Dr Seuss. This Grinch sweater is the best ugly sweater for the people who loathe this time of the year.

Men’s Dr Seuss Grinch As Santa Next To Tree Adult Off-White Sweater

That’s right, the Grinch sweater is perfect for the couple who’s a little more grouchy this time of year! You and your SO can rock these Grinch sweaters at any holiday party to show some holiday spirit (even if you don’t have a whole lot).

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