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Holiday season means family time. If you’re like me, your pet is just as much a part of the family as your aunts and uncles. So shouldn’t your little creature get some royal treatment too?

Here are a few tips on how to care for your pet during the holiday season. That way, little Fido won’t get overwhelmed when he gets a barrage of hugs from all your nieces and nephews.

Pet-proof your Christmas tree


Consider anchoring your Christmas tree to a wall or a column to prevent your pet from tipping it over. If you have a real tree, then make sure your pet doesn’t drink the tree water — it could be full of pesticides that can do harm. Keep ornaments from your pet’s reach (i.e., put them higher on the tree) so they can’t break them and eat the shards.

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Clear wires


Keep electric wires — such as your Christmas light wires — out of reach, as well as batteries. You don’t want your little one electrocuted or ingesting batteries.

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Keep harmful food away


You’re going to have tons of food at your holiday gathering, and tons of guests too. That means you have to be extra vigilant around your pet and food. Sweets (especially chocolate), alcohol, fatty and spicy food, bones, and food scraps are all no-gos.

Beware of gift wrap and other scraps


Tinsel, tape, gift wrap, tissue paper, and gift tags can all be potential dangers for your pet. Make sure to keep your floor clean of any scraps you might find.

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Keep mistletoe and holly away too


Mistletoe and holly can make for some very cute moments during the holidays, but not for your pet. If your pet ingests holly, it can cause them to suffer nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Ingesting mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal and cardiovascular problems.

Holidays are a great time for everyone, and if you keep your pets safe, it’ll be a good time for them too. To make sure they have a jolly good time during the holidays, follow these five tips to keep them merry and bright.

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