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First pair of shoes that comes to mind when you think about the perfect pair for a date night or a conference is a stiletto or a good pair of high heels. Here we are to change your mind, you can actually be as stylish, sexy and attractive with no heels as well.

Boots, sneakers, flip flops,…it seems like the possibilities are endless when you’re looking for footwear. But there’s always that one pair you can never match with anything. Lost on how to proceed with that pair of boots you can’t figure out? Here’s a short cheat sheet on what to wear with whatever shoe you have — boots, flats, and so much more with NO HEELS!

Flip Flops

The go-to footwear for a super casual, sunny day (and for some women, any day). Beach, grocery shopping — you name it. Wear them with a light summer dress, shorts, skinny jeans, or capri pants. Pair with some light jewelry and a pair of sunglasses on a sunny day. Heading to the ocean? Top your look off with a beach hat.



Booties are shoes that are boots (surprise!) which cover half of the calf. Perfect for a casual look when the weather is a bit chilly outside. Potential outfits include a mini dress and a leather jacket or ripped jeans and a sweater.

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Riding boots

These are low-heeled boots that run the length of the calf. They usually have a zipper and are black or brown. Wear these for a casual going-out look when the clouds come out. They go best with down coats, a raincoat, a knit sweater, or a long cardigan. Throw in a pair of blue jeans to complete a chilly-weather look.


Ugg boots

From college students who just rolled out of bed to moms trudging the snow to take their kids to school, Ugg boots might very well be the most versatile boots on the market. Who can blame us? These things are made of sheepskin and fleece! Match with a down coat, a sports jacket, or a loose-cut coat.


These are moccasin-like shoes that can be embellished with buckles or laces. Often, they’re made of leather. Perfect for a dressy-yet-casual day or night. Wear them with fabric pants and a turtleneck or striped shirt. If it’s particularly chilly outside, you can accessorize with an infinity scarf. Finish with a bright red lipstick.


Flat shoes

This is the classiest no heels version of pumps. Your basic shoe that covers the instep. Wear them with any pair of jeans, shorts, pencil skirts, just-above-the-knee skirts, and business suits. Keep in mind that flats emphasize big calves and ankles and might make you look squat, so they’re best worn with long skinny pants/jeans or wide A-line skirts that make your legs look thinner.


Looking to dress it up a bit but still want to keep it casual? Try a pair of Oxfords. These shoes are perfect if you want to go for a more “intellectual” look. Pair them with skinny jeans, a short dress, or skirt.

Slip-on shoes

These are flat shoes covering half of the instep, with no laces. Brought back to fashion life by a skater clothing brand, they’re now popular for every casual look and they you can even find some pairs embellished with pearls or glitters. Wear them with mommy jeans or cropped skinny pant. Get a more playful look matching them with mini skirts or dresses.

Which no heels outfit is your favorite? Let us know!