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The Best Hotel Collection Diffusers for Your Home

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Imagine this: you’re sitting in a comfortable, cozy place, curled up on a soft couch, drinking your favorite beverage. Around you, a luxurious scent hangs in the air, transporting you back to your favorite vacations. And when you open your eyes, you’re surprised to find you’re still in your home. Hotel Collection diffusers allow you to spread the aroma of 5-star hotels in your house, transforming your rooms into places you want to stay.

To help you decide which diffuser will work best for your space, we’ll give you an overview of the best ones for larger, medium-sized, and smaller spaces.

New In: Presidential Scents for Your Home

Before we get into Hotel Collection’s diffusers, we want to take a moment to share an exciting update: Hotel Collections is now selling Presidential Candles! Whether you’re backing Trump or Biden in this election, you can now show your support and add a nice fragrance to your home.

Biden Presidential Candle #1
Hotel Collection

The Biden Presidential Candle combines notes of aloe vera, cedarwood, vanilla, amber, white tea, lily, musk, and sandalwood for the ultimate calming aroma. The exterior showcases a smiling picture of the presidential candidate, underscored with his signature campaign slogan, “Together, we can finish the job.”

Trump Presidential Candle #1
Hotel Collections

On the other hand, the Trump Presidential Candle lends the scent of sophistication to your home. When it’s lit, you’ll smell cardamom, lemon, and leather along with cedarwood, sandalwood, cinnamon, amber, iris, musk, and vetiver. The outside bears a picture of the former president with the slogan “Make American Great Again!” printed underneath.

Each candle burns for about 90 hours, and a portion of the proceeds go toward supporting the Wounded Warrior Project, a cause that unites many Americans, regardless of their political beliefs.

Diffusers for Smaller Spaces

Studio Pro Scent Diffuser

Hotel Collection Studio Pro Scent Diffuser - hotel collection diffusers
Hotel Collections

If your luxury home looks like a high-rise studio apartment, the Studio Pro Scent Diffuser will work perfectly. It uses cold-air diffusion to distribute scents throughout your space. By not using heat or water, it enhances the therapeutic aspects of the fragrance oils, but it doesn’t comprise their scent.

At just 3.25″ x 11.25″, this diffuser is perfect for those on the go. All you need to do is throw it in your bag and pack your fragrance oils, and you’ll have easily accessible aromas no matter where you travel!

Tower Scent Diffuser

[Lifestyle] #1 - Tower Scent Diffuser - Hotel Collections diffusers
Hotel Collections
If you want a diffuser that looks like an attractive and permanent fixture in your home, consider getting the Tower Scent Diffuser.

It uses the same technology as the Studio Pro Scent Diffuser, but it covers up to 800 sq. feet. So, even though it’s not as portable as the other diffuser, it remains a great option for those who have a larger apartment!

Hotel Collection Diffusers for Medium-Sized Spaces

Villa Scent Diffuser

Villa Diffuser in white in a home setting - hotel collection diffuser
Hotel Collection

The Villa Scent Diffuser empowers you to distribute a pleasant, hotel-inspired scent throughout your entire home. Using cold air diffusion technology, the diffuser turns fragrance oils into a nano mist. These small drops are designed to hang in the air for longer, maximizing the amount of time you can enjoy these inviting scents.

To make distribution easier, the Villa Scent Diffuser hooks up to your HVAC system and disperses the nano mist through your vents. As such, each room receives an even amount of the aroma.

Even better, the Villa Scent Diffuser allows you to program it to release the aromas during certain periods of the week.

However, if you prefer to enjoy the diffuser on its own, it also serves as an attractive standalone addition to any area of your house. Measuring only 9″ x 5.25″ x 15.25″, it fits well in most spaces and can scent up to 1,800 square feet.

Penthouse Scent Diffuser

Penthouse Scent Diffuser #2 - hotel collections diffusers
Hotel Collections

If you’ve always dreamed of living in penthouse (or maybe you already do!), you’ll love the opportunity to make your house smell like one! The Penthouse Scent Diffuser is a standalone unit. It doesn’t hook up to your HVAC system, but it can distribute the nano mist up to 1,200 sq. feet nonetheless.

So, it’s the perfect option for people who want to give an aroma to a large, open room!

Diffusers for Larger Spaces

Presidential Scent Diffuser

Presidential Scent Diffuser #2 - hotel collection diffusers
Hotel Collection

If you have a space that exceeds 1,800 sq. feet,  you’re going to want a diffuser with the strength to evenly distribute your scents.

The Presidential Scent Diffuser works in the same way as the Villa Scent Diffuser. After connecting to your HVAC system, it spreads a nano mist of aroma up to 3,000 sq. feet. Like the Villa Scent Diffuser, you can program the Presidential Scent Diffuser to release the scent up to 4 different times a week.

Even though it covers a larger area, this diffuser only measures 10 ¼” x 6 ½” x 7 ½”, making it easy to fit into your home decor.

And if you live in a home with an extensive floor plan, purchase the Double Presidential Scent Diffuser to cover up to 6,000 sq. feet!

[Lifestyle] #1 - hotel collections diffusers
Hotel Collections

Enjoy Your Home’s New Aroma!

When you invest in Hotel Collection diffusers, you have the opportunity to make your home smell like a luxury hotel. To get the aroma just right, purchase one of Hotel Collection’s fragrance oils, which pair perfectly with your diffuser.

And if you’re going somewhere and want to see a luxury destination, check out these recommendations!

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