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9 of the Best Travel Accessories in 2024

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When it comes to weekend getaways or international vacations, having the best travel accessories in 2024 can make or break your trip. They can make packing a breeze, long flights comfortable, and experiences that much more enjoyable. In fact, even the most experienced of travelers need gadgets to ensure their journey is as hassle-free as possible!

If you’re planning a trip in the near future, then there are a few things you’ll want to purchase for your trip. From high-tech suitcases to innovative travel pillows, here’s a list of the 9 best travel accessories we love for 2024!

The 9 Best Travel Accessories in 2024

Beis Carry-On Roller

travel carry on luggage - best travel accessories in 2024

With thousands of 5-star reviews, the Beis Carry-On Roller is our top pick when it comes to carry-on luggage. It’s durable (made from 100% virgin PolyCarbonate) and easy to carry, thanks to the padded handles. And unlike most carry-on bags, this one is expandable, so you can really squeeze in everything you need for your trip. If you’re flying with an airline that’s stingy about weight, don’t worry. This suitcase has a built-in weight limit indicator so you won’t have any unexpected charges or fees. It’s one of the best travel accessories for those needing to pack light for their trip!

Solgaard Check-In Closet

luggage - best travel accessories in 2024

If you have a big suitcase, you know the struggle of staying organized while traveling. Packing cubes are helpful, but they need to be packed and unpacked at your hotel. The Solgaard Check-In Closet solves all those pain points. This piece of luggage comes with a built-in shelving system to store all your shirts, jeans, and undergarments. All you have to do is lift up the shelf and hang it from the handle – no unpacking needed! You can choose the 24” bag for 6-9-day trips, or the 28” bag for 7–10-day trips.

KUSSHI Bottle Protectors

KUSSHI Set of 4 Travel Bottle Protectors, Main, color, Black - best travel accessories in 2024

Have you ever gotten to your hotel and opened your suitcase to find your liquids spilled all over the place? We have – and let us tell you, it can be a huge hassle to clean! Thankfully, these KUSSHI Bottle Protectors can prevent breakage and unsightly messes. They essentially add an extra layer of padding to your favorite beauty products. Just zip your liquids inside the soft squishy neoprene holders before putting them in your make-up bag or suitcase. set comes with four bottle protectors in four different sizes.

SunnyLife Portable Travel Speaker

SunnyLife Portable Travel Speaker - best travel accessories in 2024

Ideal for beach vacations or mountain getaways the SunnyLife Portable Travel Speaker brings the beats with you wherever you go. At just 9 x 4.5 x 9 cm in size, it’s small enough to toss into your suitcase (or even your purse). But don’t let the small size fool you! When hooked up to your phone through Bluetooth, it provides high-quality sound – just like a normal speaker. It may not have the longest battery life (it plays for 1-2 hours on a single charge), so we recommend bringing a power bank, too.


AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press, 1 of 12 - best travel accessories in 2024

With the AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press, you won’t have to have a watered-down hotel or plane coffee ever again. That’s because it can brew American or espresso-style coffee with just the push of a button. And yes, it also does cold brew! The coffee press is small, compact, and easy to carry, so it’s great for camping or hiking as well. Best of all, it comes with a small microwavable mug and lid, so you can enjoy your morning roast anywhere.

Go Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Ostrichpillow Go Memory Foam Travel Pillow, Main, color, Deep Blue - best travel accessories in 2024

Nobody likes napping on a plane, especially if you’re traveling abroad. But the Go Memory Foam Travel Pillow can make sleep a bit more comfortable. Featuring a 360° ergonomic design, this pillow offers full neck support for optimal spinal and neck posture. Plus, it’s made from soft, stretchy fabric with a memory foam fill for extra plushness. And when you wake up feeling refreshed, you can compress the pill to 60% of its size to store it in its travel pouch.

Samsonite Hanging Travel Case

Just Right Hanging Travel Case in the color Black. image number 0 - best travel accessories in 2024

The Samsonite Hanging Travel Case is designed to carry all the beauty products and toiletries you’ll ever need. Despite its slim silhouette, it has four separate compartments, including one that is removable. It can hold everything from travel-size creams to full-size shampoos (and everything in between!). And if you’re always on the go, you can simply hang it up on the bathroom door or hook. If you travel with a lot of toiletries, this is the bag to get!

Bey-Berk Jewelry Clutch

Haley Jewelry Clutch 0 - best travel accessories in 2024
Neiman Marcus

Say goodbye to tangled chains and misplaced earrings with the Bey-Berk Jewelry Clutch! This portable jewelry pouch has three zip pockets, two ring holders, an earring holder, and a zip divider for necklaces. That’s enough room to bring all your favorite pieces with you on vacation! When folded, it looks like a clutch or wallet, which is a nice change compared to other bulky jewelry holders.

Open Story RFID Blocking Waist Pouch

RFID Blocking Waist Pouch Puritan Gray - Open Story™, 1 of 6 - best travel accessories in 2024

If you’re looking for the perfect traveling fanny pack pouch – this is it! The RFID Blocking Waist Pouch is made from 100% recycled materials. It’s lightweight and easy to wear over or under your shirt. The main zipper compartment can hold everything you need for traveling, like your passport, credit cards, or plane tickets. And since it comes with an RFID-blocking feature, you won’t have to worry about your personal information being stolen.

Packing may not be the most exciting part of planning a vacation, but it’s an important one. And with these best travel accessories, you’ll be fully prepared for your journey – no matter how far from home you’re traveling. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a road trip or flying across the country. Having the right gadgets at hand is essential for making your trip fun, comfortable, and most importantly, memorable!

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