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Useful Pet Products to Make Your Life Easier

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Having the right useful pet products can make your life as a pet owner so much more enjoyable. But it’s also important to find things that your furry companion will love as well. Our pets deserve the best, and there are some great products that can enhance their quality of life while making yours easier.

7 of the Most Useful Pet Products

PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain

useful pet products - Petsmart drinking fountain

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain is a must-have for cats and dogs alike. With a free-falling stream of water, it encourages drinking so they stay hydrated (and reduce their risks of urinary and kidney diseases). This constant water circulation also helps prevent bacteria growth, which can be a problem with normal water dishes.

And for an extra layer of protection, the fountain also filters the water to catch hair and dirt. It’s one of the many gadgets that will help you to be a better pet parent!

Smart Camera

InstaChew camera - useful pet products

Now you can keep an eye on your furry companion no matter where you are in the world The Instachew Purrsight 360 Degree HD pet camera allows you to stay connected to your pet while you’re away.

The camera has a full 360-degree rotation and 2-way audio, making it one of the most advanced cameras on the market. And it’s not only for keeping tabs on your dog or cat. It’s also a useful tool for home security as well, so it also has night vision and recording capabilities.

High-Quality Food

Sundays beef dog food - useful pet products

What you feed your furry friend can have a huge impact on their health and well-being. By choosing high-quality pet food, you can ensure that they get the nutrients to maintain a long and healthy life.

We highly recommend food with human-grade ingredients, like Sundays. This option is vet-formulated to provide adequate vitamins, minerals, and proteins for your pup. We also have a tutorial so you can make your own healthy dog treats at home.

Fancy Feast cat food - useful pet products
Fancy Feast

And what about your feline friends at home? They too deserve right in proteins and packed with essential nutrients. Fancy Feast Gems Mousse Pate is made with real meat and a layer of mouthwatering gravy. Together, it provides a 100% complete and balanced diet for cats.

Cat Scratcher with Catnip: Enhance Your Pet’s Playtime and Wellness


To keep your feline friend entertained and healthy, consider a cat scratcher with catnip. It provides a stimulating and satisfying outlet for scratching, helping to protect your furniture while promoting your cat’s natural behavior. Plus, the added catnip encourages play and exercise

Brilliant! Dental Care for Dogs

Petfriendly - useful pet products

Any pet owner knows how difficult it can be to brush your dog’s teeth. But this innovative click and lick dental stick by Brilliant! is guaranteed to simplify the entire teeth-cleaning process.

All you have to do is twist the dial until the gel appears (like a deodorant) and let your dog go to town! Use it daily to fight plaque, destroy bacteria, and freshen breath.

Interactive Puzzles

Petsmart interactive puzzles - useful pet products

An interactive puzzle is a great way to keep your dogs busy while also strengthening their cognitive and problem-solving skills. After all, dogs have a natural instinct to hunt and forage, so puzzles can provide the mental stimulation they need.

Younger pups can stay engaged with the Hide N’Slide puzzle. It has swiveling flippers and sliding blocks as hiding spots for their treats.

From high-quality nutrition to interactive play toys, your pet deserves the very best. And with these useful pet products, you can rest easy knowing that your four-legged friend is happy and comfortable. And we all know that a happy pet means a happy owner!

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