2024 Color Trends: Wear Pantone’s Picks

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The year 2024 brings a burst of vibrant hues and sophisticated shades that are set to dominate the fashion scene. In this article, we’ll delve into the 2024 color trends and explore creative ways to seamlessly integrate Pantone’s picks into your wardrobe.

2024 Color Trends and the Color of the Year

Every year, Pantone’s panel of experts selects a single color to serve as the Color of the Year. This occasion has served as a tradition for the company for 25 years. It began as an opportunity to invite people into a conversation regarding color and how it intersects with design and culture.

It also serves another purpose, though. Pantone’s Color of the Year can also kickstart your imagination and breathe fresh life into your wardrobe. Below, we’ll get into the current Color of the Year and talk about the different colors you can add to your wardrobe!

Peach Fuzz

Darling Delight Blush Skater Dress

If you thought peach fuzz was just, well, fuzz on a peach, think again! Pantone has named Peach Fuzz the Color of the Year for 2024, so it’s going to head up some fashion trends. As a super pale orange/blush, it goes perfectly with all of your spring outfits.

So, start your year off right by picking outfits with this fun and elegant color pretty closely!




The Color Palettes

In case you don’t know where to go from adding some Peach Fuzz in, Pantone has your back. They assembled 5 different color palettes that complement Peach Fuzz. To name one, Flavor-Full, features Mango Mint, Party Punch, Grapemist, Blueberry, Green Banana, Dijon, Honey, and Honey Yellow.

The second palette, Libations, includes Brandied Apricot, Marsala, Almondine, Almond Peach, Grapeade, and Sauterne.

Next, comes the palette Hybrid Hues. It adds colors Pale Pansy, Sun-Dried Tomato, Jade Green, Porcelain, Super Lemon, Phlox, and Myristica to the suggested matches for Peach Fuzz.

Perfect for the pink lover, the Peach Plethora features a wide range of soft hues. Pizzazz up your wardrobe with Pristine, Peach Pearl, Peach Blossom, Georgia Peach, Honey Peach, or Peach Puree with your Peach Fuzz!

If you’re looking for an excellent variation on the rainbow to wear to Pride this year, Pantone’s Pairings palette includes Pink Yarrow, Little Boy Blue, Baltic, Nautical Blue, Blazing Orange, Aurora Pink, and Bermuda. Mixing and matching them yields an outfit as bold and unique as you are!

Spicing Up Your Wardrobe

Brilliant Earth

The color trends for 2024 provide excellent direction for those wishing to add more flair to their daily outfits. But your colors don’t always have to come from clothes. Accessories, shoes, and jewelry often go a long way in helping you tune in to the top trends.

In particular, we recommend incorporating different gemstones into your style. SEE IT AT ANTHROPOLOGIE serves as a really close match to Peach Fuzz, and it’s available in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Pair it with a deeper pink or blue, such as a sapphire. Or, if these intense colors aren’t your style, try a lighter, honey-hued yellow!

How to Decorate Your Home with the Color of the Year

Impressions IM398 Hand Loomed Area Rug - Safavieh, 1 of 6

Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year also serves as an inspiration for your home decor. To incorporate these color trends, start with a basic, Peach Fuzz staple, such as a rug like this one from Target.

Next, pick one of the color palettes arranged by Pantone and start selecting furniture and accessories that match!

For example, if you’re going for the vibrant look of the Pairings palette, start thinking in terms of blues, pinks, and yellows. And you don’t have to go all out, either. In fact, just adding vibrant blue wall paint and a yellow-gold couch might do the trick. Spruce it up with some plants to sprinkle in the green, and you’re good to go!


Indulge Your Inner Fashionista

In conclusion, Pantone’s 2024 color trends present a captivating array of hues that cater to diverse tastes and styles. And don’t be afraid to play! Remember, the world’s most iconic fashionistas take risks and create new fashions of their own.

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