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Not all nursing jobs have to be in-person – work from home nursing jobs are also very common! Many companies were forced to transition to remote work during the pandemic, including the healthcare industry. While many nursing positions are hands-on, there are some jobs that allow you to work remotely.

Do Work From Home Nursing Jobs Exist?

work from home nursing jobs

The simple answer is yes – working from home as a nurse is entirely possible. With the rise of advanced technology, a lot of healthcare work can be done over the internet. And when you use sites like ZipRecruiter to search for these jobs, you’re more likely to get an interview quickly!

Not only can nurses do administrative billing, auditing, and managerial tasks, but they can also deal directly with patients. They can triage symptoms, collect information, or even make referrals to other providers.

What are the Benefits of Working from Home?

work from home nursing jobs

As a remote nurse, you can provide care to patients from the comfort of your home. This is a great benefit for part-time employees or parents who have children at home. Being able to work without putting your child into daycare saves time and money!

Another benefit is the commute. Instead of sitting in a car or taking the bus, you can wake up and head straight to work. This is another huge time and money saver (especially if you live far away from the hospital).

What Kind of Remote Nursing Jobs Are There?

work from home nursing jobs

There are many different types of remote nursing positions available. Depending on your skills and the needs of the hospital, you might be able to work in one of the following roles.

RN Case Manager

As an RN Case Manager, you’ll be reviewing and managing insurance plans for patients. You’ll coordinate services and make sure that insurance providers cover the necessary procedures. Because these are mostly administrative tasks over the phone or by email, RN Case Managers can work from home.

Triage Nurse

Before a patient arrives at the hospital, they might need to be treated by a triage nurse. You’ll listen to the patient’s symptoms to determine if they require emergency care. Many issues can be diagnosed over the phone. However, you might need to refer them to an in-person specialist if the problem is serious.

Informatics Nurse

If you have a knack for technology and a heart for customer care, then consider becoming an informatics nurse. You’ll be tasked with designing and implementing solutions to improve healthcare processes. This could be accessing current practices, writing software, or analyzing systematic reports.

Nurse Recruiter

Staffing is a crucial factor for most offices and hospitals. As a Nurse Recruiter, you’ll work with candidates and hiring managers to facilitate the hiring process. Most of the work can be done at home, including posting jobs, reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews.

Nurse Educator

If you’re an experienced nursing professional, then you can become a nurse educator. You’ll teach students and other aspiring nurses through different online nursing programs. Not only will you have to have medical experience, but you’ll also need teaching skills and certification.

How to Find Work from Home Nursing Jobs

If you’re not applying in person, it can be difficult to know where to find work-from-home positions. However, sites like ZipRecruiter can help. They have millions of active positions (not only in nursing) that you can apply to.

The demand for telehealth is high, meaning there are many work-from-home nursing jobs available. You can still make money and provide patient care without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Once you apply for your job through ZipRecruiter, make sure to freshen up your interview skills. Since the job is remote, prepare that your interview might be virtual as well. We have a few professional outfit ideas that will impress (even over Zoom).

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