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Struggling with some neck pain from sitting at your desk all day? Or some back pain that’s keeping you up at night? We’ve got some yoga poses for you! The yoga poses listed below help with relieving back pain and neck pain.

If you feel like you’re experiencing any issues with neck or back pain, we recommend trying out these yoga poses and trying to perfect your form each time you practice, for the best results. If you’re not a complete yogie and more new to the world of yoga, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Watch this video tutorial for help with performing these yoga poses, to avoid further pain or injury.

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Back Pain Relief Poses

Forward Fold

Hold a forward fold pose for 5-10 breaths and then swing from left to right. This yoga pose stretches the hamstrings and back muscles while providing a release for tight, tense shoulders and relieves pain of the lower back.

Downward Dog

Practicing this yoga pose can help relieve back pain and sciatica. It also helps to improve strength and work out imbalances in the body.


Cat Cow Pose

This yoga pose increases flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and spine. It also helps to relieve back pain.

Thread The Needle

This yoga pose will twist your spine to strengthen the spine and stretch the neck and shoulders, to unlock the position, repeat on the other side.

Rabbit Pose

This yoga pose strengthens the back muscles and provides relief from mental troubles. It opens the spine deeply, helping to stretch and stimulate the inter-vertebral disks, but also helps to maintain the sponginess of the disks which helps them absorb shock from daily movement to prevent further back pain.

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Pigeon Pose

Lift the chest straight up then inhale slowly down, you can rotate left and right to release back tension.


Supine Spine Twist

This yoga pose helps to release tension in your lower back, lengthen and loosen the muscles along the spine, stretch out the shoulders and upper back, improve digestion and calm the mind.

Happy Baby Pose

We know this one looks a bit strange but by swinging and pressing the lower back into the mat, you relieve lower back pain.

Neck Pain Relief Poses

Cervical Correction

Place a bottle under your neck and lay still for 5-10 minutes to help relieve neck pain.

Cervical Stretch 1

Pull up for 1-5 minutes to get the natural curve of the neck back in place.


Cervical Stretch 2

Lean back for 1-5 minutes to stretch the neck.

This yoga pose will help to relieve tension in the upper back and neck.

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We hope you enjoyed our article and video tutorial on these best pain-relieving yoga poses and try them out at home! Stay tuned for more fun and informative articles.

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