How to Choose the Best Font for Wedding Invitations

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Finding the best font for wedding invitations seems like a small wedding-planning task. But add it to your already extensive to-do list, and you’ll have yet another pesky thing to take care of. Luckily, we’re here to help you decide whether you want to go with free wedding fonts or even hire someone to help you!

Wedding stationery is a real thing, and it often includes many beautiful fonts that resemble modern calligraphy. In fact, invitations are the first piece of information your guests receive (unless you send a save the date).

So, first impressions matter. Additionally, your font has the power to convey your chosen wedding aesthetic. For example, if you go for a garden-inspired theme, a romantic font may suit the occasion. On the other hand, if your setting is more palm trees and sea-inspired, you should go for a boho font. Whatever the case, the possibilities are endless. That’s why, in this article, we’ve rounded our top tips to help you choose a font for wedding invitations. So grab your coffee, and let’s dive into all the wonderful invitation fonts!

Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Font for Wedding Invitations

1. Use Trusted Sources

wedding invitations
The Knot

Designing the perfect wedding invitations might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You can still get specialized, gorgeous invitations while getting envelopes and RSVP cards in the same product. Choose between many different styles, such as floral decorations or a more modern look. That way, you can set the tone for your wedding and celebrate your upcoming special day in style!

2. Decide on Custom or DIY Invitations

"gentleness" - Modern, Modern Wedding Invitations in Sand by Sumak Studio. - best font for wedding invitations

One of the first steps in picking the best font for wedding invitations is deciding whether you’ll DIY or assign them to professionals. Although DIY will save you money, it won’t guarantee optimal results for the perfect font. Additionally, you won’t have as many options in terms of font libraries as you would by hiring stationery experts.

These professionals will bring creative ideas and inspiration to the table. They may even help you find more beautiful wedding fonts than you could on your own. And let’s not forget that they partner with great suppliers for advanced printing techniques.

Naturally, you might want to have complete control over your dream invitations. Whatever the case, be aware that your choice will affect your font options.

If you don’t want to go all in, you can choose a wedding invitation. Semi-customize your template, get a free sample, and place your order from the comfort of your home.

3. Understand Font Styles

Elegant Serif Font Exotic font Display Font Logo Font image 1

When it comes to typography, there are four essential font categories:

  • Serif — Fonts that have small lines at the end of the letters. For example, Casablanca.
  • Sans Serif — Fonts that don’t have small lines at the end of the letters, such as the minimalist Alubia.
  • Script — Fonts that resemble calligraphy or handwriting. For instance, the gorgeous Ms. Claudy Script Font.
  • Display — Fonts that are more artistic than legible with highly-graphic letters.

4. Match Your Wedding Aesthetic to Your Font Choice

Sweater // Wedding Font

To choose the best font for wedding invitations, you must match your wedding theme to your typography. For instance, if you opt for a classy wedding, you should use serif and script fonts. The vertical and horizontal lines of serif fonts sprinkle elegance, while the calligraphy adds a flare of romance.

On the contrary, if your wedding vibe is more contemporary, you should choose sans serif fonts that are straightforward without the drama effect. Once you decide on the typography categories, you need to dig into the various elegant fonts within each category. For example, the Sweater and Della Brian are two very different script fonts matching different wedding aesthetics.

5. Keep Legibility in Mind

Legibility is key. Even if you want to go crazy with cursive fonts, don’t go so all-out that people are trying to understand what you’ve written.

This will frustrate the readers and won’t convey the important details of your event efficiently. Of course, you can still be creative by choosing avant-garde fonts for headings, names, or accents. But when it comes to dates and locations, keep it neat.

6. Ensure Fonts Pair Well

As mentioned before, legibility is key. That’s why the best way to go about it is by pairing fonts from different categories. For example, you can choose a script font for names and a serif font for important information. Or you can choose fonts from the same family but opt for a combo of bold, italics, lowercase, or all caps.

We highly recommend keeping things as simple as possible, even if you want elegant wedding invitations. Rather than overwhelming your guests with busy invitations, choose at the most 1-3 fonts. It’s also essential for your fonts to pair together nicely. The goal is effortlessly beautiful invites with letters that blend in and conveys the message flawlessly.

Ready to Pick the Best Font for Wedding Invitations?

Hopefully, our tips on choosing the best font for wedding invitations will give you a good starting point to make your selection. Remember that your big day is yours to enjoy, so do whatever feels right for you. From elegant to boho and modern to old-fashioned, there are countless fonts to choose from. Keep your wedding mood in mind, and we wish you good luck!

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