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It’s one thing to find candidates for a job opening and another to spot top talent. Attracting experienced employees ensures not only your organization’s future growth but also lower employee turnover and higher productivity. On the contrary, hiring mediocre employees will harm your company’s culture and end up wasting your resources.

So, recruiting is not to be taken lightly. Your recruitment team needs to be able to spot experienced workers by engaging with candidates and targeting the right professionals. To do this, they must develop a complete strategy focused on a talent pipeline. This can include creative activities, online and offline meetings, as well as challenges centered around each candidate.

How to Find Candidates With More Experience

The typical interview process with predictable social calls and standard questions is a thing of the past. If you’re wondering how to find candidates that’ll add value to your business, you’ll need more than small talk and outdated conference-room meetings. Thankfully, a job posting site like ZipRecruiter can help you spot top talent with leading AI technology. So make sure to create your business account today and start networking with experienced professionals.

1. Stay Aligned With Your Hiring Manager

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To find experienced candidates, you’ll need to train your team to recognize talent. That’s why staying close to your hiring manager during the sourcing stage is essential. This can be achieved through:

  • Quality communication
  • Building a list of sourcing channels
  • Reviewing the existing and new talent pool
  • Discussing the candidates’ evaluation criteria
  • Equipping the hiring team with the tools and knowledge to find the suitable candidates
  • Sharing your feedback

So, don’t stop at the kickoff meeting. Instead, stay close to the recruitment team throughout the hiring process to ensure the quality and quantity of candidates are sufficient. This will keep everyone fine-tuned and will help you spot experienced employees.

2. Look Internally

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In addition to seeking qualified professionals outside of your company, consider if current employees are looking for a promotion. These are people you know, already familiar with your company and the way things work. Therefore, you’ll decrease the risk of hiring the wrong person and reduce the training and onboarding resources.

Moreover, by filling a role internally, you’ll decrease employee turnover since the promoted candidate won’t be leaving your company any time soon. As a result, you’ll be able to attract more talent in the future as a workplace with long-term employees who stay in the company.

3. Invest in Creative Recruiting Activities

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In the process of sizing up candidates, you want to ensure that the person genuinely cares about the job position and treats others with respect. Most candidates come prepared for commonplace interview processes and can change negatives into positives. As a result, you want to find creative ways to reveal their true character and understand how they think.

This can be achieved through creative activities and challenges. For example, you can show them around the office to better understand their personality. Do they ask any questions about other people’s jobs? Are they curious to learn more about the organization? Do they treat everyone with respect? Alternatively, you can take them out for a meal. Notice their behavior and actions. Can they keep the conversation going? Are their manners gentile and considerate of others?

4. Network to Spot New Talent

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Industry conferences and networking events are stellar opportunities for spotting new talent. You never know when someone is looking for a new job or is open to discussing a new opportunity. Moreover, keep an eye out for experienced candidates in your everyday life and consider people who might serve you daily.

For example, if you’re looking for an experienced seller, be on the lookout for memorable sales service. Your local makeup saleswoman who always persuades you to add another item to your shopping cart would make for a most excellent candidate for your open sales position.

5. Use Job Search Sites Like Ziprecruiter

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Last but not least, the best way to find candidates with experience is through top job listing sites like ZipRecruiter. Maximize your reach and source quality candidates through the site’s distribution channels and get matched with ideal applicants through the leading AI technology. Get all the tools you need to filter the results and hire experienced employees in no time.

More Recruiting Ideas

With ZipRecruiter’s match technology, qualified candidates find your job listings and are actively invited to apply. As a job poster, you can also invite candidates to apply for a job opening and receive applications from top talent.

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