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Have you considered recently how well your mattress and pillows are improving your sleep? Millions of Americans struggle with getting consistently good quality sleep, and much of this is due to what they go to bed on every night. If you’ve struggled with your sleep cycles lately, you’ll understand how much it can affect your daily life. This is why we wanted to do a deep dive and put together a comprehensive Purple review of their more popular items.

Why Purple?

Improper sleep typically leads to sluggishness, mood swings, and even health issues such as higher blood pressure and weight gain. If you’re finding yourself more and more deprived of sleep, it might be time to re-visit your sleeping arrangement.

On our quest to find the most popular and well-reviewed mattress, we kept finding Purple. An online seller, Purple has been seeking to revolutionize the sleeping industry for the last decade. And from how many of their customers speak of them, they seem to be succeeding. The secret to the comfort of their mattresses comes from GelFlex, a stretchy and durable material that was utilized by Purple to create the most comfortable sleeping products.

Purple Review – What Kind of Mattresses Do They Offer?

All Purple mattresses feature their GelFlex Grid, which helps to create maximum comfort. From there, they have a range of unique mattresses that vary in firmness, circulation, and more. They also have separated their collections to help shoppers find exactly what they are looking for. Those looking for a balanced mattress of medium firmness and stability can look towards the “Original Collection”. While those seeking either a firm or incredibly soft mattress can take a peek at their “Hybrid Collection”.

From our research though, it appears that the Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress is the go-to for most satisfied Purple customers.

Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

Purple describes this mattress as a perfect balance between comfort and support, and customers seem to agree. The Hybrid Premier 3 contains multiple layers of structure in order to create this balance of comfort and support:

  • Responsive Support Coils – Wrapped stainless steel coils help offer pressure relief and support. Individual coils are wrapped in noise-reducing fabric as well to create a quiet and comforting support system.
  • GelFlex Grid – The secret to all Purple mattresses, this gridded layer is manufactured to flex under pressure points to create total support for your body. This material is also hyper-elastic and is temperature-neutral. This helps keep your body temperatures sustained during your sleep.
  • StretchMax Cover – The soft-top cover hugs the Purple GelFlex Grid, allowing the body to fully experience the material, while still giving a breathable feel to the mattress.

With this mattress, you also receive some amazing benefits with your order, including:

  • 100-Night trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Free Returns
  • Free Shipping

But to make sure you’re getting the full Purple sleep experience, many customers point to adding the Purple Harmony Pillow:

The Purple Harmony Pillow

Purple labels this pillow as “The Greatest Pillow Ever Invented“. That’s a big claim, so how do they back this up?

Purple states that their pillow is labeled as such due to sophisticated engineering and innovation. This is due to the same cushioning technology used in the mattresses, the Purple Grid Hex. This material works to both cradle and support your head and neck. This allows you to sleep comfortably regardless of your body positioning. This pillow is also wrapped in breathable mesh material, so it helps keep a cool temperature. Purple also claims that this Pillow never falls flat, ensuring longevity in the pillow’s shape and comfort.

You also have customizable features to select for the pillow, to make it perfect for you. This includes:

  • Sizing – You have the choice between standard and the king size. This can help ensure you have plenty of space for the pillow to fit your head and neck, depending on your size.
  • Height – The Purple Harmony Pillow comes in three different heights: low, medium, and tall. This can help ensure comfort for different types of sleepers and those with different frames.

Purple also offers a 100-Night trial for this pillow and a 1-year warranty!

More Restful Resources 

Based on the claims Purple makes, and the reviews to back it up, Purple seems to be the go-to for anyone looking to upgrade the comfort of their mattress and pillow. You can also receive some great deals during their President’s Day Sale! Get Up to $700 off Mattress & Sleep System, valid through 3/1.

Getting enough rest doesn’t just happen when you put your head on your pillow. It begins when you make a conscious effort to quiet your mind and seek more ways to de-stress. Adding yoga to your nighttime routine could help you fall asleep even faster when you do finally lay down on your sleep-inducing mattress from Purple!