Best Sleep Training Products

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If you’re currently struggling to get your bub to sleep throughout the night or are in desperate help to get your toddler to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) at night time. Then you need to check out these helpful and calming sleep-inducing products that will be your holy grail when training your baby/toddler to snooze.

1. Swaddle Blanket

Sleep Training Products - Swaddle Blanket

As you know, newborns need regular feedings throughout the night and unfortunately won’t sleep the whole night without making a peep as they’re hungry. That’s where a swaddle blanket, like this one from Amazon, comes in handy as swaddling a newborn can help promote good quality sleep as it emulates a mother’s womb.

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2. White Noise Machine

Sleep Training Products - White Noise Machine

White noise machines have been praised by parents all over for their ability to help drown out household sounds and soothe babies to sleep with a womb-like humming. However, we recommend placing the machines a safe distance away from the crib and playing the machine at a volume as soft as a quiet shower to prevent harming babies’ hearing. Babies will love this gadget for its comforting properties!


Sound is always is good thing in the house, in fact many kiddos are able to fall asleep better with sounds, even TV sounds. So try it out, check out fuboTV and watch something relaxing. Plus fuboTV has over 100 channels to choose from and you are sure to find something!

3. Teddy or Blankey

Sleep Training Products - Teddy or Blankey

SIDS prevention guidelines highlight that any loose bedding or objects like blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or sheepskin are a big no-no for babies, until they’re at least 12 months old. After you have the a-okay from your paediatrician, it’s the perfect time to bring in a teddy or small blanket that your older bub or toddler can cuddle and use to self-soothe in the crib. Be careful when picking out a teddy or stuffed animal and read the manufacturer’s age guidelines and make sure there are no choking hazards (such as sewn-on eyes or poorly attached tails). A teddy or blankey can provide great comfort and security for older babies and toddlers when they’re struggling to get to sleep.

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4. Night Light

Sleep Training Products - Night Light

Young babies aren’t afraid of the dark after spending months in the darkness of the womb. However, older babies and toddlers can get really scared in the dark or suffer night terrors, where they suddenly wake up disoriented and afraid. If this is a recurring incident with your child, you may want to consider trying a dim night light. Like this awesome color-changing night light from Target. You can choose from 3 color modes: color changing, solid color or soft white, whichever is the most soothing for your little tot.

5. Blackout Paper Shade

Sleep Training Products - Blackout Paper Shade

A blackout paper shade like this one will not only limit the light coming into the room in the morning, to help those early risers sleep a little bit longer, it will also prevent the lights from the street and businesses coming into your little one’s room if you live in the city.


6. Cool Mist Humidifier

Sleep Training Products - Cool Mist Humidifier

A cool mist humidifier will be a god-send in the winter time, for you and your bub! When the heater is on, their mucus gets dry and their noses clog up. Babies breathe through their noses whilst they sleep, so consequently if they’re stuffy, they will keep waking themselves up because they can’t breathe properly. A cool mist humidifier will also create a nice climate in the baby’s room, like this one from Amazon, it has a UV light that fights off whatever bacteria is found in the water before it comes out as mist.

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7. Rocker Chair

Sleep Training Products - Rocker Chair

Without all the plastic and distracting colors, this rocker chair/bouncer is ideal for daytime napping, or play, to stimulate your baby’s development. Your tot will doze off into a happy nap once they’re reclining in this rocker chair. What’s even better about this rocker chair is that you can easily remove and wash the soft fabric in the washing machine.

8. Bedtime Stories

Sleep Training Products - Bedtime Stories

A good bedtime story is one of the most simple and effective sleepy-time soothers of all time. Reading bedtime books, like this one, can help put kids’ crazy fears asleep and allow their creative imaginations to roam free. It’s also a known fact that reading aloud to babies and toddlers has brain-boosting benefits, which is why you should implement reading into your every night bedtime routine as early as the newborn stage.

9. Sleep Training Alarm Clock

Sleep Training Products - Sleep Training Alarm Clock

This sleep training alarm clock from Amazon is perfect for older toddlers! It trains children to stay in bed longer so that their parents can catch more z’s. That’s right folks, no more 5 AM wake up calls. The ball glows red or green. Red meaning it’s time to go to sleep. Green meaning it’s time to wake up. The ball will glow red at night and turn green at alarm time. It features 2 alarms and a nap timer. This is perfect for a weekday alarm time, weekend alarm time and naps. The alarms must be set each night. What’s great about this training alarm clock is children cannot change the settings or turn the alarm off early.  Happy snoozing!

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10. Magic Sleepsuit

Sleep Training Products - Magic Sleepsuit

Looking for the best swaddle transition product? Here it is! Forget about the Michelin man look, we have heard so many success stories with this expertly designed “puffy suit”. The Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is a one‐piece garment that’s so thickly padded it muffles their startle reflexes to prevent them from waking themselves up over and over. This is best for 3+ months when babies are ready to transition from the swaddle to a wearable blanket, however they still want that feeling of security.

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