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Looking to switch up your bedroom decor? Or are you moving and starting fresh? Boho is a cool trend that can really spice up a dull bedroom. Here are some boho bedroom ideas to help get you started.

Boho Bedroom Ideas

We’re all about bedroom renovations here at Trendy Mami. And that’s why we’ve curated a few ideas to help you revamp your bedroom in a fresh, new way! Follow along below for boho inspo!

Decorative Boho Shelving

boho bedroom ideas
Anthropologie – rattan shelves

Little touches in your room can go a long way in transforming a space. A rattan shelf from Anthropologie would be a lovely way to display plants, books, or any other little trinkets to add to your boho bedroom decor. Plus, it’ll match the rest of your decor very nicely.

Boho Bedding

boho bedroom ideas
Anthropologie – patterned duvet cover

Go bold with a patterned duvet cover, leaving your space feeling fun and free. Or, go for a textured quilt and toss on some colorful layered blankets. Switching up your bedding is one of our favorite boho bedroom ideas. A simple comforter change can instantly transform your bedroom.

Boho Blankets

boho bedroom ideas
Johnny Was – patterned boho throw blanket

Throw blankets from Johnny Was can be a great way to jazz up an otherwise plain comforter. Pick a fun patterned one or one with safari animals to give your room some boho flair. Layered blankets can easily be tossed on your bed to make it more exciting. Pick a variety of colors and patterns, or pull from your comforter’s colors if you want something more organized.

Boho Bed

boho bedroom ideas
Target – wood boho headboard

A dreamy headboard from Target can make all the difference in a boho bedroom. This eye-catching spindle bed doesn’t require a box spring and is absolutely gorgeous! It would fit with any color in your room and help transform your room into a boho haven.

Boho Nightstand

boho bedroom ideas
Target – gold boho nightstand

A gold patterned nightstand would match with any decor. Plus, it’s not too big so it would easily fit in any size bedroom, making it a great boho bedroom idea. Throw some macrame coasters on top and you’ve got the perfect boho corner!

Boho Rug

boho bedroom ideas
Home Depot – round boho rug

Sometimes, a nice rug is the finishing touch you need to pull a room together, especially if your bedroom has hardwood flooring. A small circular rug from Home Depot could easily enhance your room if you’re tight on space.

Boho Pouf

boho bedroom ideas
Home Depot – boho pouf

A macrame pouf would be great at the foot of your bed or in front of a floor mirror. The macrame adds an airy feel and character to your room and would be a great finishing touch. If macrame isn’t really your thing, go with a patterned or woven pouf from At Home.

Boho Wall Decor

boho bedroom ideas
Etsy – moon phases wall decor

An extra touch on the wall above your headboard can go a long way. A macrame hanging tapestry, eucalyptus, or a garland of the moon phases (all from Etsy) would look beautiful and help tie everything together.

Boho Canopy

boho bedroom ideas
Etsy – boho bed canopy

Really make your bedroom a bohemian retreat with a bed canopy. Handmade in Bali, your room will instantly feel like a true boho vacation dream come true.

Boho Dresser

boho bedroom ideas - boho dresser

Boho dressers can add a pop of color to your room like this beautifully patterned one from Anthropologie. Or, if you already have a very colorful comforter but still want a fun dresser, go with a soft gray and white patterned one. Either dresser would look gorgeous and up your boho bedroom decor.

More Bohemian Ideas

These boho bedroom ideas should help to get you started or give you some design inspiration. We suggest starting with some small decor changes to help motivate you to start on your perfect boho bedroom. And for the finishing touches to your room, try making your own candle to add a scent of your choice!