Bark Review: Safe Phones for Kids

safe phones for kids

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If you have children, you’ve probably faced the dreaded question: How do you keep them safe on their phones? There’s no doubt about it: devices have crept their way into every part of our kids’ lives. With social connections, schoolwork, and more happening online, most families have wondered how to get safe phones for kids.

I happen to have young children, so I’m always trying to find ways to keep them safer when they’re on their phones. Fortunately, just as I was looking for phones for kids with parental controls, I found one that works well for me and my family.

About Bark: Safe Phones for Kids

safe phones for kids

When I was searching for high quality and safe mobile phone options for my kids, I wanted to monitor their usage while allowing them to still enjoy their devices.

With the Bark phone, I can monitor the content they’re viewing. When my kids use their devices, Bark runs quietly in the background of texts, emails, apps, and other online platforms. It checks for any harmful or inappropriate content, such as bullying, porn, sexting, and suicidal ideation.

If it finds anything, I get an alert to my phone, complete with information on what happened. So, I have the chance to keep my kids safe and know what they’re facing in the digital world!

Further, Bark allows me to manage what my children will see. It comes with 19 different filter options. I can block any apps or websites I don’t want them visiting.

With Bark, kids cannot delete text messages, change parental controls, or install workarounds, such as a VPN.

Plus, I also love the fact that Bark lets me control how long my child spends on their devices! I’m able to set specific screen time limits. So, they maintain a healthy balance between digital time and their real lives! I can also track their location, so I know where they are at any given time.

If you’re interested, order them today!

What I Thought

The Positives

safe phones for kids

Overall, I really like this phone! When I took it out of the packaging, I found the phone easy to set up and navigate. The instructions were clear.

As part of the setup process, you’ll have to build an account online. Once it’s established, you use a QR code to transfer the information to the phone.

In addition, I was able to give my kids new numbers so their friends could safely call and text them. However, if you already have numbers for your kids, Bark gives you the option to use those.

Once the phone connected to WiFi, I downloaded the apps my kids usually use. I was worried my kids would download an app I didn’t want them to have. So, I liked that Bark allows me to block apps remotely from my own phone!

The Negatives

I haven’t really experienced any negatives so far! My kids are still new to using their Bark phones, though, and I’m not sure what they think.

Since it involves some tech setup, it might be a little difficult for parents who aren’t tech-savvy to use. But, as I mentioned above, the instructions are very clear, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you follow them!

Keep Your Kids Safe

With the internet, it’s more important than ever to keep your kids safe. With Bark’s safe phones for kids, I feel like I now have the power to monitor my children’s online activities. That way, they get to have all the fun they want on their phones without getting into danger!

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