Cooking Cilantro, the Super Food

On the way to creating a healthy lifestyle for myself, I’ve been discovering quite a few things about food that I (to my detriment) never knew about before. Now that I’m focusing on making my diet the best it possibly can be, I’m inspired to learn as much as I can about the foods I’m eating. A lot of the facts I’m coming across are both surprising and interesting. One of the most fascinating foods I’ve recently discovered is cilantro. All I knew before was that it’s a herb with a very distinct taste. Now I know that it’s actually a superfood. What’s more, it has purification and anti-inflammatory properties. Something with so many beneficial qualities seems too good to be true, and I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to discover it!


Water Filtering

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Cilantro is a the kind of herb that, once you taste it, you’ll never be able to forget. Beyond being known for that taste, it’s now gaining additional popularity for its water filtering properties. Its what’s known as a “bio absorbent material.” Bio absorbents are dried organic materials that filter heavy metals out of water in much the same way that activated charcoal does. So far it’s been discovered that using cilantro as a filter can remove mercury from water, along with lead, nickel, and arsenic. Cilantro has proven so effective at this that in Mexico, where its grown in abundance, scientists are considering it as a cheaper water purification alternative to use on contaminated water.

How to use it:

Using cilantro for water purification isn’t restricted to large scale operations. Many people use it at home, too. All that’s required is that you dry some (as easy as leaving it exposed to the sun for a few days) and then grind it up. Once it’s ground, put it into a tea bag and submerge it in a pitcher of water. It will absorb any heavy metals, rendering the water safe to drink.

These impressive water purification capabilities are the reasons why people are now looking to include more cilantro in their diet. The herb reduces the build up of heavy metals in the body while at the same time accelerates their removal. It’s believed that including cilantro regularly in your diet can also prevent the harmful accumulation of metals that may occur over time.

If you don’t have time to dry your own fresh Cilantro, here is 100% organic dry Cilantro that you can buy online.



In addition to its water purification properties, cilantro’s also known to be something of an anti-inflammatory. It possesses two different compounds, linoleic acid and cineole, which both possess anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic qualities. Powdered cilantro extract, particularly from the leaves, is the most potent at relieving inflamed joints and muscles.

If you suffer from chronic, painful inflammation, why not try cilantro?

There are plenty of ways to regularly add it to your diet by using it in salads, salsa, in stir-fry, in pesto, as seasoning, or as oil. You can also make cilantro tea or spice up your smoothies by adding it in. If you’re one of those people who detests the way that cilantro tastes, don’t fret. You can easily find cilantro capsules to add to your regimen.

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Cilantro’s Other “Super” Powers

Like most superfoods, cilantro’s got a lot going on in regards to just how beneficial it can be. It contains a  substance known as dodecanal, which shares some qualities with antibiotics in that it fights infection. Like other superfoods, it’s also an antioxidant.

Additionally, cilantro has been proven to help ease the symptoms of indigestion and other digestive issues.

The beneficial qualities that cilantro provides has me kicking myself in the butt for not discovering it earlier.

Now that I know, I go out of my way to include it in my diet at least three times a week. It’s a very versatile herb, which means that you don’t have to eat it the same way every time.

Because it’s so easy to include in meals, as garnish, or in liquid form, I don’t have any excuse not to buy it. For anyone who worries about heavy metal toxicity in the water, or suffers from the pain of inflammation, or simply wants to eats healthier, cilantro really is a “super” food.


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