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It’s true that the COVID-19 quarantine has driven people to spice up their decor, getting sick of staring at the same blank walls day in and day out. People have been wondering how to fill their blank walls and give them a little personality. Sure, it’s fun to track down wall art from different retail stores, however, we think DIY art projects to dress up your living room or bedroom walls is a lot more fun and creative.

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It might sound kind of intimidating and scary, but we’re here to tell you that DIY artwork, such as paintings, embroidery pieces, and abstract artwork isn’t as hard to make as you think. In fact, we have 4 easy DIY wall art projects that you will be able to do in your sleep! Not to mention, DIY wall art can also be a lot easier on your wallet too.


So, instead of springing for that expensive piece you found in a catalog, you can create an oh-so-similar version for a fraction of the price, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself! Now, block off some quality alone time, maybe ask your little ones to join in on the fun, it’s time to make some easy DIY wall art projects!

What You’ll Need:

Acrylic paints:

  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Gold (optional)

easy diy wall art projects

Other supplies:


What To Do:

Block Color Style

Easy diy wall art paintingStep 1. Take your canvas and using a pencil and circular object, map out your design.

Step 2. Use paper tape to create a clean line that will break up your colors.

Step 3. Using a foam roller, take your first color and paint it on the top half of your canvas. Make sure you don’t dip below the tape.

Step 4. Let the paint dry before continuing with this step. Take a circular object like a water bottle or vase, and trace a circle in the centre of your canvas. Make sure your circle is mainly above the tape, just dipping under.

Step 5. Resketch your drawing with a pencil if you need too.

Step 6. Remove your paper tape and use your foam roller to paint your second color onto your canvas.

Step 7. Using a flat brush, take your third color and start painting in your circle. Before it dries down, take your foam roller and brush over the bottom of your painted circle.

Step 8. Take your black marker and black pen and start sketching out your design again.

Step 9. Using a flat brush, take your third color and go over the edges of your circle, cleaning it up.

Negative Space Style

easy wall art diyStep 1. Take your second canvas and a pencil and sketch out your design. Try to create your design with a single line, so it’s all connected.

Step 2. Take paper tape and place on the sides for your negative space.

Step 3. Take a round brush and black paint and go over your design.

Step 4. Take your foam roller and paint the sides in between the tape and the edge of your canvas, creating the negative space.

Step 5. Remove the tape from your canvas.

Art Graphic Style

Step 1. Take a pencil and sketch out your design on the canvas.

Step 2. Again, take paper tape and tape off the edges of your canvas, however this time creating a fake frame.

Step 3. Take your foam roller and paint your canvas in between the tape with your first color.

Step 4. Take your flat brush and second color and start painting your design.

Step 5. Once finished painting, take paper tape and start placing over your design to create clean lines.

Step 6. Take a flat brush and your third color and start painting around the paper tape.

Step 7. Wait for your paint to dry and peel off your paper tape.

Step 8. Go over any color you’re unsatisfied with.

Step 9. Paint your shadows in your design by watering down the colors.

Step 10. Remove your tape from the sides of your canvas.

Abstract Style

Step 1. Take a pencil and sketch out your design on the canvas.

Step 2. Take paper tape and tape off the sides of your canvas, for a negative space again.

Step 3. Take a flat brush and paint the sides of your canvas with the first color, creating your negative space.

Step 4. Take your first color with a flat brush and paint in your design too.

Step 5. Take a round brush with black paint and go over the details in your design.

Voila! We hope you love your 4 easy DIY wall art projects. You can pick 1 easy DIY wall art painting to do, or all 4! We made sure that the color scheme of all 4 easy DIY wall art paintings matched perfectly.

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