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Do you dream of having a thriving team that knocks out your company goals and goes above and beyond? If so, you need to know how to find workers at every level. This includes learning to find an employee with a lot of experience to lead each of your teams.

How to Find an Employee with More Experience

How do you go about finding a worker with the right combination of skills and experience? There are a few steps you can take to improve your chances of attracting top applicants when posting on platforms like ZipRecruiter.

Let’s go over some of the easy-to-follow steps you can take to find the right workers!

Know Which Platforms to Use

find an employee

If you’re not posting your jobs on online platforms, you’re not going to attract as many of the top candidates. With around 25 million monthly users, ZipRecruiter can help you find an employee that meets or exceeds the requirements of the position.

On ZipRecruiter, you can create a free account and start posting positions without any cost. Once the positions are live, ZipRecruiter will begin matching you with potential candidates. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to sort through which ones work best for you and invite them to apply.

ZipRecruiter will also send your job post to more than 100 of the top sites. That way, you can attract candidates from multiple sources. Whenever candidates search for certain jobs, ZipRecruiter will show them your position. As such, you don’t have to rely just on the matching service, either.

ZipRecruiter’s dashboard makes it easy to manage your hiring process all in one convenient platform. Even better, you can hire on a budget. The platform has 3 plans for you to choose from, all of which you can initially try for free.

Most employers who use candidates find an employee with great qualifications within the first day. But if you don’t happen to find the right person for the job right away, don’t worry. Unlike other companies, ZipRecruiter doesn’t lock you into 30-day job posts. Instead, you can advertise your position until you find someone to fill it.

Craft the Right Job Post

find an employee

A lot of companies make the mistake of just throwing together a job post and hoping for the best. This may result in you getting 1 or 2 qualified candidates, but you certainly won’t get to see as many candidates as you want.

When you write your job post, make sure you know how to write to your ideal candidate. Include a brief but thorough description of the position, including the responsibilities and opportunities the future employee will have. You should also add in information about the personality attributes you wish the future worker to have. This will help the employee identify whether they’d be a good fit.

Then, talk about the qualifications you’d like to see. Include information about hours, compensation, and benefits. You’ll also need to state whether the job is part-time, full-time, freelance, or contract.

Finally, tell the candidates how to apply. Job platforms like ZipRecruiter allow them to apply right on the platform. However, if you’d like to receive someone’s application somewhere else, include directions on what the candidate should do.

Cultivate Your Brand

find an employee

Remember, when you look for a new employee, you’re not just looking at different applicants; they’re also looking at you.

As a result, they’ll want to know about what it’s like to work at your company. You can give them a peek behind the curtain by cultivating your brand on apps like ZipRecruiter. On ZipRecruiter, people can look up your company and read about your values and what you do. They’ll also have the ability to read about open positions and look at reviews from current and former employees.

If you have a well-managed presence in places like ZipRecruiter, you’ll have the ability to attract top talent with greater ease.

Find an Employee Today!

If you’re ready to find an employee who will work well for you, you need to get on ZipRecruiter as soon as possible.

ZipRecruiter is dedicated to helping employers find their favorite hires. Its matching software will help you narrow down your search to the best candidates. If you have any issues, you can also contact a real ZipRecruiter representative for support. Learn how to attract better hires today!