Important Showering Tips That Could Prevent Skin Damage

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We don’t get replacement skin as we age, which is why it’s so important that we take care of what we’ve got right now. There’s a lot of discussion out there about the correct ways to treat your skin, and one of the most surprising bits of information involves some common showering habits that almost everyone has.

It turns out that a lot of what you’re doing when showering can actually harm your skin and what’s worse, leave lasting damage. If you want to make sure your cleansing routine is safe for your skin, check out the list of showering tips we’ve put together.

Stay Away from Scented Soaps

Despite the amazing way they smell, scented soaps aren’t as great as you might think. The chemicals used to create those fresh, exotic smells can irritate sensitive skin, leaving behind rashes or other blemishes. To avoid any kind of skin irritation, stick with unscented soap in the shower.


Avoid Soap Dish Bacteria

Most showers have a built-in dish, shelf, or ledge where you can store your bar of soap. While it’s a convenient invention, it’s also kind of a gross one. Soap dishes tend to accumulate bacteria growth, which means that every time you lather up your body you’re actually smearing that bacteria all over your skin. To keep your soap bar bacteria free, use a wire soap dish instead of a solid one or consider switching to body wash.


Stop Overzealous Exfoliation Habits

Hey, we get it – exfoliating feels good. It makes your skin feel fresh and new. What it also does, however, is damage your skin if you do it too often. Despite what labels on exfoliating products may say, doing it every day is actually harmful. It doesn’t give your skin cells enough time to mature, which means that you’re just continuously scraping away new cells. To avoid damaging your skin, cut back your exfoliation to every second or third day.


Don’t Scrub Your Face in the Shower

A lot of people find this to be one of our most surprising showering tips, because who doesn’t wash their face in the shower? The correct answer is: nobody should. Most people prefer hot water when they shower, but hot water is hard on the skin. The best way to wash your face is with warm water from the sink with a gentle soap or exfoliating product.


Toss That Old, Grungy Loofah

We mentioned that soap that sits in a dish builds up some bacteria over time. That same occurrence applies to the loofahs you use when you shower, except that loofahs have a lot more surface area for bacteria to cling to. You might think that just because you don’t use your loofah often it’s okay, but if it’s been in there for months, it’s time to chuck it in the garbage.


Cold Showers Aren’t So Bad

Another of our showering tips you’ll likely find surprising is that cold water showers are actually a good thing when it comes to your skin. You don’t need to stand there shivering for 15 minutes – all it takes is a solid 30 seconds of cold water exposure to reduce tension in your skin, increase your metabolism, and boost your immune system.


Replace Your Razor Blades, Pronto

Neglecting to swap out the blade on your shower razor is an easy habit to fall into. Unfortunately, it’s also a bad one because old razor blades tend to be dull and using them usually leads to skin irritations like razor burn. Avoid unnecessary skin damage by changing your razor blades on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


Skip Washing Your Hair for a Day or Two

It’s been common knowledge for a while that washing your hair too often is bad for your hair, but it’s also bad for your scalp. Washing too frequently can dry out your scalp and irritate the skin, leading to dandruff or itchiness. If you’re concerned that your hair gets too oily without a daily wash, try using a dry shampoo on your roots, it will bring it back to shine.


Change the Way You Use Your Towel

Most of our showering tips regard what you do in the shower, but this one is for when you get out. Common toweling practice for most people includes briskly rubbing yourself down, but that’s not the best way to do it. Instead, pat your skin dry with the towel. It will take longer, but it’s way more gentle on your skin.

Protect Your Skin by Showering the Right Way

Showers are one of those aspects of life that we tend to on autopilot without realizing the damage we’re doing to our skin. Luckily, bad shower habits are easy to change! Just follow our helpful tips to make sure you’re not hurting your skin every time you shower.

Any tips or tricks to not damage your skin? Please share with our readers! Don’t forget to check out our secrets to beautiful skin!

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