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Need a Memorable Gift Idea for New Parents? Look Here!

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More babies make their grand entrance in August than any other month in the year. In a way, this checks out: colder winter weather means romantic evenings indoors for many couples. But that also means you’re probably scrambling to get gifts for baby showers once the start of the summer rolls around! And since summer is just around the corner, you need a gift idea for new parents as fast as you can get it.

Memorable Gift Idea for New Parents – Options

Minted offers some of the best gift ideas for new parents. Many of their items are customizable, allowing you to create a piece unique to the couple you know and love. And now, you can save  20% on your first Minted order by using the code TRENDYMAMI20!

Let’s get into some of the stand-out gifts!

All New Parents

Painterly People Portrait

Painterly People Portrait - memorable gift idea for new parents

Couples who are expecting a brand-new baby often want to capture the moment. Pregnancy photoshoots perfectly encapsulate their lives as a couple in the exciting days before the baby arrives, and newborn pictures honor the beauty of new life.

The Painterly People Portrait from Minted adds a unique twist to the beloved tradition of portraying these moments well. When you submit 1-3 photos of the people you want painted, a professional artist will create a handpainted portrait of the new parents and/or their baby. So, if you know someone who absolutely would love to add a unique piece of art to their home, this is the perfect unforgettable gift!

Our Vows Art Print

"Our Vows Art Print" - Completely Custom Art by Minted in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.

If you’re looking for a memorable gift idea for new parents, why not take them back to where it all began? The Our Vows Art Print honors the promises parents have made to each other. In good times and bad times, parents are bound together by their love for each other and their child.

The Our Vows Art Print has space for two wedding vows, separated in the middle by the couple’s names and the date they were married. If the parents you know aren’t married, we recommend asking them to write their promises to each other for parenthood!

To make this memorable gift idea for new parents even more customized, choose a frame that suits their style!

Gifts for New Moms

Our Moments Notebook

our moments Notebooks, Day Planners, or Address Books

New moms go through so many emotions after their child is in their arms. From complete happiness to exhaustion and everything in between, motherhood often feels like a blur of activity in which the child grows up too fast. So, having something on hand to help her capture and remember the important moments will serve as an invaluable resource.

The Our Moments Notebook provides her with a sleek and attractive journal to record all her thoughts and happy memories. Personalize it with a picture of her, her baby, and her partner on the front, and add customized text for either a cute title or a sweet message.

If she needs more assistance keeping her days straight (and who doesn’t when they’re a new parent?), Our Moments also comes in planner form.

Finally, if she prefers to keep all her contacts in one place, get her the Our Moments Address Book.

Alaia Robe

Alaia Robe - gift idea for new parents

When thinking of a memorable gift idea for new parents, consider their comfort. After all, new parents often lack sleep and relaxation, so they’ll want to be as comfortable as they can be any chance they get.

The Alaia Robe offers the perfect cozy restfulness to moms after long days of caring for a newborn. The double gauze organic cotton is warm yet breathable, and the dark forest shade is soothing to look at and matches almost anyone’s style!

Gift for New Dads

Brass Cigar Ash Tray

Brass Cigar Ash Tray - gift for new parents

If the dad you know is a classy man who prefers the finer things in life, he’ll love adding this Brass Cigar Ash Tray to his home! Designed to hold several cigar butts at the same time, it’s perfect for the dad who smokes with his friends.

And if the dad doesn’t smoke, it doubles as an attractive storage space for all the household’s nicknacks!

Golden Dad Custom Photo Art

"Golden Dad" - Custom Photo Art by Beth Schneider in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes. - new parents

Babies grow up fast, so new dads will likely want to capture every moment. With the Golden Dad Custom Photo Art, the dad in your life receives a gift that will remind him of these fleeting memories for years to come. In this breathtaking piece, 3 photos are stylishly cropped into the word “DAD,” outlined in gold. Finally, choose between classic and specialty frame options to give the dad his new favorite wall piece!

All these gift for new parents options should give you a great idea of how to give the couples in your life something they’ll cherish once their baby comes into the world. And if they plan on traveling with their little one, send them these tips for packing a diaper bag!


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