how to make money from home

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Looking for expert tips on how to make money from home fast? We got you! This 5 minutes read is a treat for everyone wanting to escape the 9-5 grind. This article is a heart-to-heart conversation, a small effort to motivate you to step into a new and exciting career path.


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Traditional Job Culture Vs. Stay at Home Jobs

It’s shocking that 52.3% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs but still stick to them nonetheless. Imagine sacrificing the best years of your life doing something you don’t even like. However, it doesn’t have to be anyone’s story, and the good news is that more and more people are opting for stay-at-home jobs.

The Atlantic features 2021 as the “summer of quitting”, marking the gig economy as the new norm. But, does this rule apply only to men or those with regular jobs? Of course not! In fact, most women stepped into their start-up niche and are now successful entrepreneurs. But let’s leave the gender debate for some other time and review how to make money from home fast.

Top 5 High-paying Stay-at-home Jobs

Passion, consistency, and a little bit of courage are the only things that can transform your career. So, let’s cut the chase and focus on our top picks for the highest-paying stay-at-home jobs in 2022.

1. Freelancing

how to make money from home

Freelancing is one of the most respectable and lucrative career paths in 2022. The freelance business is a mega-industry that enables you to earn money from your passion. Moreover, the unlimited career opportunities, the high demand, and flexible working hours make it an appealing choice even for the most demanding.

Skills like copywriting, social media marketing, selling on amazon, proofreading, translation, video animations, SEO, and web development, are in such high demand, requiring no prior experience. You name any gig, and there is someone ready to hire you. ZipRecruiter offers many freelancing opportunities as well. The platform provides millions of listings categorized by part-time, full-time, or side hustles.

2. Blogging

how to make money from home

Blogging is a high-paying side hustle that often doesn’t meet the eye. No need for tech expertise or certification to start a blog. In fact, you can kickstart a blogging career on a free CMS like WordPress or platforms like Medium and LinkedIn. Naturally, the best way to monetize it is by creating your own website. You can then make thousands of dollars by running ads or affiliate links in your blog.

For instance, if you have a passion for writing about budget traveling, you can devote a whole website for this purpose. You can start by sharing your travel experiences and valuable traveling tips and monetize your services with brand deals or affiliate partnerships.

3. Online Tutoring

how to make money from home

Online tutoring can be an excellent side hustle or full-time income. You can tutor anything you master yourself, and you’re confident you can help others conquer as well. The most in-demand subjects are usually languages, science, and different skills.

Mentoring is also an alternative to tutoring and has a lot of potential. You can basically mentor people in 1:1 sessions and get paid by the hour. In addition, you’ll be sharing your network, experience, and input with mentees, guiding them to success.

4. Virtual Assistance

how to make money from home

If you’re familiar with digital services and you’re good with time management, then virtual assistance-related jobs will be the best fit for you. In this position, you’ll be assisting companies or individuals in completing their daily tasks, whether it’s booking their favorite restaurant, answering emails, or running their social media.

To close deals, you’ll have to be fluent in English and have strong customer support and communication skills. You’ll also need to be familiar with basic software like Microsoft Office Suite or Slack. Use ZipRecruiter to find a wide variety of virtual assistant job positions.

5. Cryptocurrency Advisor

how to make money from home

As the world evolves, so does our currency. Cryptocurrency is a new and exciting world, unknown by the vast majority of the population. If you’re one of the first to get educated on the subject and be able to help others understand and use it to their advantage, you’ll also be in demand.

As companies start to realize this shift in cryptocurrencies, they’ll need advisors like yourself to guide them on making strategic decisions. This could be a lucrative profession from the comfort of your home.

Start Making Money From Your Home Today!

So, there you have it; those are a few ideas on how to make money from home fast. ZipRecruiter can help you spot a variety of stay-at-home jobs that match your skills and working hours. The best part is you can apply distinct category filters based on location, employment type, and salary to find millions of job opportunities!

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