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If your little ones are headed to school in September, why not make them a back to school bundle? This is a small care package that you can fill with supplies and goodies that they can use at school. Plus, it’s a great way to show your child that you’re thinking of them.

6 Items for Their Back to School Bundle 

Even if your kids are nervous about starting school, they’ll be reminded of you when they see your package. So, send them off with a back to school bundle with these fun items and school supplies. 

Wholesale Snacks for Lunches

Back to School Bundles

With the new school year fast approaching, that means it’s time to start planning for school lunches and morning breakfasts for the kids. With school lunches being prepped every single day, it can get a bit pricey to buy up snacks and lunch ideas.

Instead, consider buying in bulk from a wholesale supplier to get the best rate for your kid’s favorite snack ideas. For us, we’re going to be shopping with Boxed, who sells all different types of snacks and lunch ideas perfect for your children’s school lunch needs.


Back to School Bundles

All kids need a few notebooks in their back to school bundle. Ideally, you’ll want one for each class or subject in school. This way, they can keep their notes and work organized and easy to find. Spiral notebooks work the best because pages can be ripped out to turn in assignments. Again, feel free to pick out a notebook with a cool design, like animals, flowers, or music.   

Pens and Pencils 

 Back to School Bundles

Although they are basic supplies, pens and pencils can still be fun and playful! Just take a look at these animal squishy pens. They make taking notes or doing homework actually fun! And if your child is incredibly artistic, don’t forget things they color with. Colored pencils, crayons, and markers will allow them to bring their artistic dreams to life! 

Pencil Cases 

 Back to School Bundles

Not sure where to store all those brand new pencils and pens you just bought? A colorful pencil case is a great way to keep smaller items in place. Not to mention, it’s a fun item to show off your kid’s personality, too! At minted, you can find everything from rainbows and puppies to spaceships and dinosaur origami; you can find a case for every child and style. 


 Back to School Bundles

A binder is a must-have for your back to school bundle. It can store loose papers, handouts, or flyers that your kids get every day in school. A simple three-ring binder is a great choice (how adorable are these skateboarding Spiderman and rainbow butterfly ones?). And don’t forget the binder dividers! These things are super helpful when it comes to separating papers by class or subject. 

Water Bottle 

 Back to School Bundles

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important for everyone. However, it can be difficult for kids to remember to constantly drink water. You can make this easier for them by packing a water bottle in their bag. It’s hard to resist sipping from a cup with trucks, horses, or dinosaurs on them!   


 Back to School Bundles

Of course, your child will need something to store all these fun goodies you send them off with! There are so many backpacks to choose from, but we recommend looking for one with lots of pockets. It helps kids stay organized while allowing them to store small items like pencils, calculators, and notebooks. They’ll be excited to rock a pack with a fun print. Or choose one with their favorite characters, like baby Yoda or Peppa Pig 

Something Fun! 

 Back to School Bundles
Uncommon Goods

While school supplies are mandatory, they aren’t necessarily “fun” for kids. However, you can treat your little ones to a fun surprise by throwing in something special just for them! This could be an art kit or a small game from Uncommon Goods. There are also some fun back to school Lego products that your mini-builder can make! Think of activities that they can do with friends during lunch or after school. Just imagine the smiles on their faces when they open their bags and see their presents!  

More Back to School Ideas  

There are a lot of fun items to toss in your kid’s back to school bundle. Feel free to get creative and personalize your bundle with more fun goodies your kiddo will love! In addition to supplies, don’t forget the back to school clothes, too. And if you have the time, there are fun tutorials where you can make some of your favorite items, including stuffed animals and Play-doh!