healthy back to school snacks

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Do you want to start packing healthy back to school snacks for your child? Nutritious food takes center stage when it comes to making sure your child has everything they need to succeed. Healthy ingredients help your children stay active and energized throughout the school day.

Even better, giving them healthy snacks now sets them up with good eating habits that they can carry into the future.

How to Pack Healthy Back to School Snacks with Boxed

Many parents wonder how to ensure their child eats well at school. If you’re actively doing other back to school supply shopping, add healthy snacks to the list. Below, we’ll get into how you can find healthy back to school snacks kids actually want with the Boxed!

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1. Sandwich Bags

healthy back to school snacks

Sandwich bags help you pack your kids’ healthy back to school snacks in a way that doesn’t cause a mess.

These bags come with a double zipper that you can press shut. This zipper system makes it harder for food to fall out and spill all over your child’s bag. It’s easy for your child to open, though, so they shouldn’t have any problems come lunchtime!

2. Jackpot White Cheddar Popcorn

healthy back to school snacks

If you’re looking for a healthy snack to place in these bags, get some Jackpot White Cheddar Popcorn!

This popcorn comes with everything you’d ever want in a bite. It contains cheddar cheese, sunflower oil, whey, buttermilk, and natural flavoring.

What if your children don’t like white cheddar? Jackpot also sells a sweet and salty flavor as well as a sea salt option. The sweet and salty option contains cane sugar, sunflower oil, and sea salt. The sea salt flavor just features sea salt and sunflower oil.

Jackpot’s popcorn comes in individual packages and family-sized bags. So, if you really want to, you can buy bags big enough to share!

3. Organic Applesauce Cups

healthy back to school snacks

If you want to give your child healthier back to school snacks, you need to include fruit-based products in their school bags. Schools are trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their meal options. The research also points to children eating more fruits and vegetables when they’re available.

So, when you add Organic Applesauce Cups to your list of healthy back to school snacks, you increase your child’s chances of eating more fruits. Each cup contains nothing but organic apples, and it comes pre-sealed for your convenience. So, you can just throw it into your child’s bag without worrying about spills!

These packs go great with salads, soups, and other meals. If your kids love apples, you should also consider buying Crunch Dried Snacks that contain apples!

4. Sunflower Kernels

 healthy back to school snacks

Most kids can’t bring peanuts to school, but if you’re still looking for healthy back to school snacks, check out these sunflower kernels!

Each kernel is bursting with flavor and provides a source of fiber and other nutrients. They’ve been roasted and salted to perfection. Your kids won’t be able to get enough!

5. Creamy Almond Butter

healthy back to school snacks

Do you always feel like you’re trying to balance your desire to give your child healthy foods with their persistent sweet tooth?

Prince & Spring has come up with the perfect solution. Their creamy almond butter makes for the perfect snack base for anything. Make mini almond butter sandwiches, almond butter boats, or even almond butter celery sticks! So, it’s great for kids who need a bit of sweetness to get in the habit of eating healthy foods!

Get Healthy Back to School Snacks for Your Child

When you get healthy back to school snacks for your child, you support their education. The right combination of nutrients will improve your child’s ability to focus. In turn, this increases their ability to perform better on their tests and homework. They’ll also have the energy to devote to extracurricular activities and friendships.

Boxed makes it easier than ever to find back to school snacks to buy in bulk. All you need to do is add the products to your cart and have them delivered! You can also start a group order if you need to!

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