Essential Spring Hiking Gear for the Ladies and the Kids

Spring is fast approaching, which means we’re finally able to go outside and enjoy Mother Nature! We love to do a lot of hiking and camping when the weekends get sunny. Since we moved to California we found unlimited resources of trails and hikes locations and we after years of experience, I really want to share with you some of the best items I found for me and the kids.

There you have it, a list of all of our favorite gear below.

For the Ladies

Women’s or Kid’s Collapsible Trekking Poles


What’s the best way to get over a hill? With a hiking stick! Hiking sticks make trekking on hilly terrain so much easier. These ones from Breakfast on Everest (double points for cool name!) are retractable, lightweight, and can be used by both me or my kids.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle


I know what you’re thinking: Great. Another water bottle. All they do is hold water anyway, so what’s the point? That is, until I found this bottle from Tree Tribe. This one is insulated, eco-friendly, and can keep all my liquids cold or warm for when we’re hiking in any weather.

Hiking Shoes


Hiking shoes are necessary if you’re if you are heading for a challenging backcountry hike, they are made for different terrains with a grip for uneven surfaces. This pair is my particular favorite. They are light weight, exceptionally cushioned, required very little time to break in and the padding on the heel and the ankle feels amazing when you wear them.

Waterproof Jacket Rain Coats for Women


Sometimes the weather can get unpredictable, and a sunny day will turn into a rainy day. It’s always good to be equipped with a raincoat, I love this jacket from Givbro , it will keep me pretty warm and dry during our more difficult hiking days, and it’s light enough to be folded easily and occupy just a little space in the backpack.

Shoes are important, but they also can take a toll on your feet and ankles. These colorful socks go all the way up to my thighs, and they also are moisture wicking. Perfect for some of my hardest hikes.

Foldable Water Resistant Packable Backpack 


A large backpack that’s water resistant? Sign me up! And if a large backpack is too large for you, you can fold it up and make it smaller. What will they think of next?

Avalanche First Aid Kit


Before we had kids, my husband and I braved through every bump, scrape, and cut on the trail. Now that we have our little ones with us, we can’t take that much of a risk with them anymore. I know it’s not a usual thing to bring first aid kits in our backpacks, but as a mom, I don’t take any chances. This kit is compact and comes complete with some gauze, scissors, and a pair of tweezers to pull out pesky splinters (kids and splinters seem to get along a bit too well).

For the Kids

Anti-Mosquito Cartoon Slap Bracelet


How do you get rid of bugs on the trail? Spray is the conventional answer, but I don’t feel comfortable putting all that gunk on my children’s faces. Plus, spray gets everywhere and it smells a lot. Luckily, I found something pretty innovative: A slap bracelet that’s already infused with anti-mosquito properties. It’s convenient, mess-free, and I get to tell my kids about how my generation invented slap bracelets.

Kids Tear-Free Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 (8 oz.)


Banana Boat is a classic brand for anything sun protection-related. You probably don’t need me to talk about how good Banana Boat is, so I’ll just put it this way: years of hiking with my kids, and no sunburns.



I learned something about sunglasses: they’re not just for keeping the sun out of your eyes so you can see better. Sunglasses’ most important job is to keep harmful UV rays out of your eyes so the rays won’t damage them. You know those cheap sunglasses you can get on the rotating shelves at basically any store? Not all of them offer UV protection, and when they do, they’re not guaranteed to do it. Babiators ensures that my kids’ eyes are not only shaded, but safe. And there are tons of colors to pick from!

Junior Hiking Boot


Our little one has to match her mommy, right? These mini kids’ hiking boot makes sure that kid’s feet won’t get wet. They’ll also get some traction when hiking.

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