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8 Best Stuffed Animals for Any Age: Jellycat Review

jellycat personalized bunny

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Imagine this: you’re winding down for the night, hoping to crawl into bed and snuggle up with something soft and comforting. So it’s no wonder why your children like to as well! By populating their rooms with adorable stuffed animals, you make their space a safe and calming sanctuary. Fortunately, these animal friends aren’t just for small kids. Instead, you can buy stuffed animals for any age, and this Jellycat review features products that do just that. 

Our Jellycat Review

After hearing about Jellycat’s extensive line of stuffed animals for any age, we wanted to give them a try! After receiving and trying out (read: obsessively snuggling) 8 Jellycat products, we can confidently say that each of them is made from super high-quality materials! They’re impressively adorable, even right out of the box, and their extremely soft bodies are perfect for cuddling!

We think these toys will work well for kids who like snuggly friends and adults who want to use them for some self-care comfort.  And even better? They’re machine washable! So, you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or stained.

Now, let’s dive into our thoughts about each of the items we received!

Bashful Beige Bunny 

bashful bunny - jellycat review

This beautiful little bunny is a popular selection with pages of 5-star reviews on Jellycat’s website. With an invitingly soft tummy and long, floppy ears, it serves as an exquisite addition to any child’s bedroom.

While we received the beige bunny, this stuffed animal comes in 6 sizes and 24 colors. So, you can get this little guy in a shade that your child likes best and/or what suits your decor!

Bartholomew Bear

Bartholomew Bear

With a chubby belly and the roundest features, Bartholomew Bear is a teddy that would make even Theodore Roosevelt, who invented the teddy bear, envious!

Just imagine snuggling up next to this guy. With his tousled, light-brown, and cuddly gentleness, he’ll be the perfect candidate for telling bedtime stories and falling fast asleep. And when you or your child wakes, he’ll be there, ready to face the day!

The Amuseables Collection

Jellycat’s Amuseables Collection features a range that turns unconventional yet adorable everyday items into adorable stuffed toys. This article will include 4 of them, but there are many, many more for you to discover and enjoy!

1. Amuseables Croissant


Say “Bonjour” to France’s flakiest pastry in its fluffiest form! With soft rolls and a golden hue, this smiley little guy will have you craving croissants while he brightens your day. Place him by your bed to put a whole new meaning to “rise and shine!”

2. Amuseables Cloud Bag Charm

amuseables croissant

Make way for sunshine! With a sunny disposition, this cloud-shaped charm will remind you to look on the bright side, always. And it even has a silver chain to help you remember silver linings!

All you need to do is clip him to your favorite bag, and you’ll have an easier time cheering up no matter the weather!

3. Amuseables Sports Tennis Ball

amuseables tennis ball

With its yellow lime coloring and smiling expression, the Amuseables Sports Tennis Ball will serve as the perfect match partner both on and off the court. It wears a striped headband and has its arms wide open, ready to offer you the encouragement you need for your next set!

4. Amuseables Moon Musical Pull – NEW

moon and star amuseables charm

Lull your baby to sleep with this endearing moon and star combo! When your baby pulls on the star, a gentle, Jellycat original song plays from the moon.

Its velcro fastener is perfect for hooking onto your baby’s crib, keeping it well within reach!

Smudge Fox – NEW

smudge fox

If you always wanted to bring home a baby fox, this beautiful forest friend will prove an excellent addition to your house! The Smudge Fox, adored by both young children and adults, features fluffy ears and the softest muzzle, along with a totally snuggly body!

Bashful Silver Bunny Blankie

silver bashful bunny blankie

Your little one will love hopping to bed when you give them the Bashful Silver Bunny Blankie, which combines the soft adorableness of the Bashful Bunny with a luxurious baby blanket! Even better, it comes neatly rolled and tied with a ribbon, perfect for gifting!

Are There Any Downsides?

We absolutely loved getting this assortment of Jellycat products and couldn’t think of any downsides to buying them!

However, we thought we should include a warning that some of them should be stored outside your child’s crib. For example, the Bashful Bunny Blankie comes with a warning that states overheating may occur if your child uses it in a cot or a crib. Likewise, keeping plushies in cribs may cause suffocation for infants.

So, while we don’t think these warnings should prevent you from getting Jellycat products to keep in your home, you should consider your child’s safety when deciding where to store them!

Stuffed Animals for Any Age

When it comes to buying high-quality stuffed animals for any age, you really can’t beat Jellycat! They serve as the perfect companion for all of life’s adventures, and you’re sure to cherish them for years to come!

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