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The Best Supplements for Brain Function

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It’s never too early to start taking supplements for brain function. Even if you’re eating healthy and exercising regularly, supplements can help you with memory, focus, and even stress management. But there are so many different types of products for brain health, making it confusing to know exactly what you should be taking on a daily basis.

That’s the exact problem that Onnit tries to answer. They take a physical, mental, and spiritual approach to health by developing a line of supplements to support your overall well-being. While they have all types of products that support optimized function and exercise capacity, they also have supplements made specifically for cognitive support.

The Best Supplements for Brain Function

Alpha Brain®

Alpha Brain Memory and Focus - vitamins for brain function


With over 3 million bottles sold, Alpha Brain is one of Onnit’s best-selling products – and for a good reason! This nootropic supplement does not contain caffeine, and can provide the perfect boost for those times when you need to “get back in the zone”.

It has been formulated specifically to help support focus and memory to help with dialing in/optimizing your mental processes. This makes it a great product for students, working professionals, artists, or anyone who could use a little more concentration.

Alpha Brain is also sold as a preworkout powder in case you’re not a fan of the capsules!

Alpha Brain® Pre-Workout

alpha brain pre-workout. supplements for brain function

If you need something that benefits your mental and physical well-being, Alpha Brain Pre-Workout is it. This powdered supplement gives you just the right amount of caffeine and amino acids to help you stay energized through your workout. And it can help with muscle endurance and mental sharpness even after you leave the gym.

It’s made for athletes or recreational gym goers, although its also a good choice for people who simply need more focus while they’re training. If you want to learn more about muscle growth, we have an in-depth article on the benefits of strength training.


New Mood - supplements for Brain Function and Mood

The best supplements for brain health aren’t just about energy and focus. Sometimes, we also need some help to unwind and relax after a long day. That’s exactly what New MOOD does. By supporting your natural serotonin production, this supplement can help you reach and maintain a healthy mood.

It’s formulated without any caffeine, gluten, soy, or dairy, making it a suitable supplement for those with allergies.

Total Human®

Total Human - Vitamins for Brain Function

Total Human is like a multivitamin but better. It combines several of Onnit’s best-in-class ingredients to provide you with brain, bone, and joint health all in one. That means you’ll get a sample of all the star-sellers like Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, VIRUtech, and New MOOD, just to name a few.

The box includes packets for morning and evening, so you’ll get the exact formula you need at the right times. The day pack provides nutrients such as B vitamins to support daily energy needs and helps support memory and cognition, while the night pack helps with relaxation and helps nourish the mind and body as you sleep

Alpha Brain® Focus Shot

Alpha Brain Focus Shot - Supplements for Brain Function

Looking for something to help you get into that flow state fast? Unlike energy drinks with very high doses of caffeine, the Alpha Brain Focus Shot uses a strategically low dose of caffeine in combination with other ingredients to help you focus and concentrate. It can also help support a calm, positive mood state, which can help you manage stress levels, or keep cool under pressure.

Besides the small dose of caffeine, it provides herbal ingredients and amino acids that can support a calm, focused state which can support learning and memory. It is also a clean formula that doesn’t contain any sugar or artificial colors, additives, flavors, or sugar.

Plant-Based Protein

While protein is good for muscle recovery, it may also help to nourish our brains. An observational study showed that plant protein may help our brains with cognitive function. Onnit’s PBP can be a great source of plant protein. It contains amino acids made from pea, pumpkin-, sunflower- and watermelon-seed protein, providing adequate support without the use of animal products.

While we can’t prevent our brains from aging, we can make sure that they are in the best shape possible. These supplements for brain function can help provide nutrients and ingredients that can help you to stay cognitively sharp and emotionally resilient! In addition to taking these supplements, it’s also important that you stay active and eat a healthy diet. All of these factors can help you achieve a healthier and happier life for as long as possible!

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