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Tips for Planting Trees at Home

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Want to turn your yard into an inviting and attractive place? Trees can draw more attention to your home, increase your curb appeal, and even provide you with privacy! But if you don’t have a green thumb, you’ll need to know how to plant and tend to your yard. Below, we’ll get into our best tips for planting trees so you can landscape in the best way possible!

If you want to find the best trees and other greenery for your home, take a look at FastGrowingTrees. These plant experts know which options are in season and will thrive in your space and climate. Even better, they’re having a sale from April 14th-17th for National Gardening Day and another one on April 18th-24th for Earth Week!

Tips for Planting Trees at Home

1. Know What Grows

One of the most important tips for planting trees at home involves knowing what types of trees grow in your region. Even though trees grow all over the world, certain trees require certain conditions in order to thrive. If you reside in the rainy northwestern part of the United States, you’ll be able to plant different trees than a person living in the southwest could.

Here are some trees that require a lot of water:

  • Red Maple
  • Sweebay Magnolia
  • River Birch
  • Bald Cypress

And here are a few that prefer drier conditions:

  • Arizona Cypress
  • Texas Ash
  • Prairie Flameleaf Sumac
  • Southern Red Oak

If you’re struggling to decide which trees to plant, head over to FastGrowingTrees. The site will identify your Growing Zone and then help you choose plants based on what loves your weather conditions.

Making the Decision

Pink Weeping Cherry Tree - tips for planting trees at home

Once you’ve identified what grows in your climate, it’s time to do a little dreaming. What do you envision your yard looking like? Do you want a tree that provides shade or one that adds bursts of color?

Your answers will help you determine which tree(s) to get. For example, if you want color, you could opt for this Pink Weeping Cherry Tree. If you’re looking for more shade, try an American Sycamore Tree. Or go for both with a Red Sunset Maple!

2. Figure Out What’s Around

Your tree will likely arrive looking pretty small. But that doesn’t mean you should plant it in a small area! In fact, you need to take what’s around into account. Look for buildings, power lines, underground utilities, and any other constructions that might get in the way of the root system and root growth.

3. Soak and Dig

Next, you’ll want to start the planting process by soaking the tree’s existing roots. If they become too dry, they might refuse to suck up water and nutrients once the tree gets implanted. If this happens, your tree will wither and die.

As the roots are soaking, dig a planting hole about twice the size of the existing roots. Make it large enough that the roots will get fully covered once you place the tree inside.

4. Plant the Tree

Here’s the most critical part of our home tree planting guide: removing the tree from its pot and planting it!

As you take the tree out of its existing container, try not to disrupt the root ball. You may need to exert a bit of care while extracting the tree.

Once you have it free, plant roots in the hole and push the soil back into place around it. Pack the soil in so that it’s firm.

5. Water

It’s time to give those roots the first drink of water they so desperately deserve! Pour the water directly onto the surrounding soil until it is damp.

Pro tip: leaving a little well at the top will help the tree get more water when it rains!

Maintaining Your Trees

Neem Oil - tips for planting trees at home

Nothing’s worse than having newly planted trees and shrubs just to have pests, diseases, and animals come to ruin it!

Fortunately, FastGrowingTrees has solutions for this. Get bird netting, deer repellent, or a natural pesticide directly from their site.

More for Your Yard

We hope these tips for planting trees helped you! But if you’re landscaping, you shouldn’t stop at just trees. Instead, make your space more worth spending time in with patio furniture and these decor ideas!

That way, you’ll get the most out of this home tree planting guide!


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