Fall nails designs

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If you’re anything like us, you’re frantically scrolling through your Pinterest dashboard looking for your next Fall mani color. Or even the best Fall nails designs! Below, are the trending fall nail colors and ideas for fall nails that you won’t want to miss.


1. Orange

idea for fall nailsWhether the fall season reminds you of changing leaves, jack-o’-lanterns, apple picking or all of the above, then this orange nail color by Olive and June, that goes by the name of ‘Sweet & Gracious’ needs no explanation. If you’re looking for a more out-there mani color, this is the perfect shade for fall 2020.

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2. Baby Blue

Looking for a more toned-down shade for the fall? You can’t go wrong with a sweet baby blue nail color! We think the shade ‘Chuffed To Bits’ by Londontown is the perfect amount of baby and bossy to rock this fall. Trust us, baby blue has become the new black for the winter and fall months. If you have been looking for a light and dreamy shade, this baby blue is for you!

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3. Holographic Nails

Possibly the most mesmerizing nail trend of the season, holographic nails! If you’re into more wild nail colors and designs, these holographic nails are for you! They trump all of the other fall nail designs and fall nail ideas we mention. This shiny holographic look is more than your average metallics and it’s easier to achieve than it looks. All you need is a reflective pigment, such as this one by Born Pretty, to layer upon your regular nail polish to give this mani its futuristic finish. You can certainly dull down these holographic nails for a more delicate shimmer. But no matter which type of holographic nail you choose, this is one idea for fall nails that won’t be outshone.

4. Dark Red

fall nails ideasVampy dark-red nail polishes always make it on the top of the best fall nail colors list. Why, you may ask? Well, they are not only insanely flattering, but also go perfectly with chunky knits and leather jackets. Above all, they look super sexy and edgy. If you’re on the hunt for a new dark-red shade to rock this fall, try this shade, ‘Red Vixen’. As this nail polish is also a gel nail polish, you will need to set it with a UV or LED lamp such as this one by Babe Cosmetics.

5. Olive Green

Moody nail polish colors like smokey grays, purples, and greens often trend at this time of year. There’s something super satisfying about painting your nails with moody colors in the fall. One moody shade that’s also super elegant that we are obsessed with is this dark olive green nail polish by OPI, ‘Olive For Green’. The combination of brown and green tones looks good on everybody, especially medium and dark skin tones.

6. Dusty Rose

idea for fall nailsAmongst our array of classic browns, grays, and burgundy polishes, we’ve added this dusty rose nail polish by Olive and June, called ‘LD’, to our top faves. It’s neutral enough to go with any casual outfit, but less basic than typical fall nail colors. We won’t be hitting up the nail salon anytime soon. As a result, this nail polish is a god-send for professional looking at-home paint jobs.


7. Sandy Neutrals

We wish this Pale Beige Sand Nude Creme Nail Polish by Black Dahlia Lacquer had a cool name, but we’ll take what we can get! Everybody loves a good sheer neutral nail, however, you really need an opaque nail polish for your mani to stand out. Cue this sand-colored opaque nail polish we found on Etsy. You’re welcome, neutral nail lovers.

8. Dark Sea Blue

idea for fall nailsA color such as a striking teal or dark sea blue like this Essie nail polish in ‘Go Overboard’ is a bold and classy choice for the fall. A dark sea blue shade has been a highly sought-after shade for a long time. It is also a perfect color choice for the fall season. Lighter teals and turquoise colors are seen as summer hues. In contrast, this rich dark sea blue tone is one of the coolest colors for fall and winter. For your next manicure, lavish your nails with an on-trend shade like this one!


9. Bright Fuchsia

A fuchsia manicure speaks glamour, chic and class. This bright and alluring nail color reminds us of beautiful orchids in the fall. If you like bright and vibrant manicures, give this bright fuchsia nail polish by Sally Hansen in ‘Fucshia Power’ a try! This glossy and bright colored nail polish will bring some life back to your drab nails. Better yet, they may even help to elevate your mood! We think that this super glossy finish, fuchsia shade is set to become a new autumn classic.

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We hope you enjoyed this article on our ideas for fall nails with trending fall nail colors! If your kids want to join in on the fun when you’re giving yourself your new fall manicure, gift them this Creativity for Kids Press On Nail Party kit. Want to try some Fall nails designs? Try using more than one of these trending fall nail colors!

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