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We’re all familiar with those slump days – you know, those ones that drag on and you don’t feel like doing anything at all? It’s hard to be productive on those days, especially when it comes to keeping active.

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, however, it’s important to stay motivated and keep up with your routines no matter what. The next time a lazy day rolls along, try some of these tips to help with your workout motivation.


Build Some Positive Hype

There’s a reason you started working out, so use that as a focus point on those days when you feel lazy. Is your goal to lose weight? To fit into that cute bathing suit? To start feeling better? Whatever your endgame, use it to build up some positive hype. Visualize reaching your goal and how amazing it will feel when you do. The only way to get there is to stay active, so you know what you have to do!


Acknowledge Your Past Goals

If you’re already into a workout routine, you’ve most likely already accomplished some healthy changes in your life. Take some time to acknowledge them and the fact that you were dedicated enough to achieve them. It’ll remind you how good it feels to keep going.


Stay Comfortable

Whether you’re hiking a mountain or jogging around your neighborhood, the proper support can make all the difference in motivating you to make the most out of your workout. Most shoes don’t offer support that is customized to the arch of your foot and to your movement patterns, which is why we recommend Superfeet. Superfeet is an amazing insole that makes any of your shoes more comfortable and provides the customized support you need to fuel you through any workout and reduce soreness!


Take Little Steps

If you’re having a really bad day, don’t immediately force yourself to jump into an intense workout. Chances are it will make things even worse. Instead, start by taking little steps. Instead of intense cardio, maybe opt for an easy run on the treadmill for a half-hour or try this 7 minutes Ab exercise. You don’t always have to exercise like a superhero. Sometimes little steps are what you need to keep your workout motivation on those “blah” days.

If you’re looking for some athletic wear to get your workouts started in, give Reebok a look! They have footware and appreal for just about any sport!

Write It Down

Keeping your activity goals organized and written down can help you get inspired. Put pen to paper and write down what you want to achieve on a daily basis so that you have a reminder when the going gets tough. It can be as simple as scheduling in some time on the elliptical before work and a brisk walk with your dog after work.

You can make it as complex as you want. Schedule in your entire gym workout in 15-20 minute increments if you need to. Having a written reminder is a great way to give yourself encouragement.


Find Someone to Hold You Accountable

Hey, we all have off days. Sometimes what we need is somebody else’s encouragement to really get ourselves going. Choose someone close to you (mom, brother, friend) who can help you stay accountable when you’re feeling too swamped to workout. They’ll give you a reminder of the reasons why you want to stay active, which will help you rediscover your workout motivation.


Strike a Balance

The easiest way to keep yourself motivated is to make sure that your activity levels stay balanced on a weekly basis. For example, Monday is typically the worst day of the week for a lot of people. It’s easy to shrug off any thoughts of exercise on a Monday just because it tends to drag on and on. This means that you’ll have to play catch-up for the rest of the week, which can have a snowballing effect.

Don’t let the Monday Blues drag you down. Do your Monday workout to get yourself inspired for the rest of the week.


Switch Things Up

If the thought of your same old jogging route gets you down some days, it’s time to change things up. Pick a new route for a change of scenery. Or, if you want something really different, drive to the other side of town and start running in an entirely new setting.

Try couples workouts with a friend or partner, ask a friend to join you at the gym for some company. Enroll yourself in some spin classes for a new experience. Keeping things fresh is a good way to stay motivated.

Or better yet, get your exercise in while getting paid! Become a dog sitter with Rover. Take the dog for runs and walks and even spend time with it. Dogs can be great motivation for getting out there and working out. Check out Rover and become a dog sitter today.


Get Yourself Some Good Gear


Most people don’t find workouts enjoyable and instead see them as a kind of necessary evil. If you’re one of those people, why not make your exercise times at least a little more enjoyable by making sure you’ve got the best gear for the job? Splurge on some excellent running shoes or that new rock-climbing gear you’ve been eyeing up. Buy yourself those cute yoga pants you saw last week. You’ll feel better about being active when you’re using or wearing the best equipment.


Reward Yourself

One of the most reliable ways of holding onto your workout motivation is to promise yourself a reward for sticking to your guns on one of those tough days.

Maybe your idea of a reward is a little bowl of ice cream after dinner, or maybe it’s that new book by your favorite author that you haven’t bought yet. Promise yourself something you want (within reasonable means, here you can find many healthy and delicious snacks) to act as the “carrot on a stick” so that you stay active even when you really don’t feel like it.


Keeping Up

There’s no shame in having a bad day. It happens to all of us. You can still make the most of a bad day by sticking with your workout routine. Even if it feels like everything else about the day is a waste, you can go to bed satisfied that you did your part to stay active and healthy.

 Do you have a special workout routine you want to share with our readers? Post below.