DIY Edible Nail Polish Recipe

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If there’s ever a moment when you’re considering starting your own business but you’re afraid to take the plunge, all you need to do is go to your favorite search engine and put “kid entrepreneurs” in the search field. If you’re anything like us, after reading just a few articles, you’ll be instantly inspired—more importantly, totally impressed—by the brilliance of kids. One thing we decided to give a shot is edible nail polish!

Meanwhile, one little entrepreneur that immediately comes to mind is Miss Heiress Harris. Although Heiress is only three-years-old, she already has her own business underway. Can you guess what it is? It’s a fingernail polish line! (c’mon…how cool is that?!).

In our minds, the only thing that can even come close to being as exciting and remarkable as a toddler businessperson is being able to make your own nail polish. Not just any kind either—the kind that is actually edible!

If you’ve got a little girl in your world who likes all things super-girly, avoid the harsh chemicals (not to mention the price tag) that comes from going out and purchasing her bottles of nail polish. Instead, why not take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to put on some music, go into the kitchen and teach her how to make her own tasty bottle of polish?

DIY Edible Nail Polish Recipe

What You’ll Need:

DIY Edible Nail Polish Recipe Materials Needed

Step One: First, I combine the cornstarch and Kool-Aid in a small plastic bowl (preferably with a plastic spoon).

Step Two: Then I add the warm water and stir until everything is nice and smooth.

Step Three: I take out my syringe to pull the polish from the bowl so that I can put it into my nail polish bottle (you can get these on Amazon).

Step Four: I put the polish into the bottle. Now I’m ready to apply it directly to my (or my little one’s nails)! That’s not completely it, though.

Step Five: If I want to speed up the drying process so that I can add a few more layers, all I have to do is pull out my hair dryer, sit it to low heat and blow it over my nails for 3-5 minutes. And, I’m pretty in red or purple…or blue!

DIY Edible Nail Polish Recipe Final product

Bet you didn’t think that you’d go to bed tonight knowing how to make nail polish, uh? Oh but what a fun, feminine and wonderful way to get in some much-needed quality time with the little girl in your life. Have fun!

Here are a few cute nail design you can test your new nail polish out with!

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