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We all know the hiring process can be quite a hectic and chaotic one, with so many job seeker platforms out there, waiting to lure you in. You, just like us, are probably unsure of which platform can suit your brands or business needs as there are many too choose from. To help you find the platform for your company or perhaps eliminate one off the list, we have done our research and written an extensive ZipRecruiter review to help you answer any questions you might have on this job seeker platform!

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ZipRecruiter Review

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ZipRecruiter is a job board site that will make your hiring process a complete breeze. ZipRecruiter has gradually developed from an applicant tracking system (ATS) into a job board that competes primarily with big companies like Indeed. And unlike other job board sites, ZipRecruiter will post your job ad across a wide range of other job board websites. This means that a lot more people will see the job ad. Which ultimately will improve the odds of finding the perfect candidate for the position and organization!


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That’s not all, when we dug a little deeper we were able to find that ZipRecruiter also includes features such as:

Which allow users to upload your job logo and adjust the colors of their ad pages to match their company.

  • Search The Resume Database.

With this feature, we found that you’re able to search more than 500,000 fresh resumes and filter your searches by keywords, location, or job category. Yup! we agree, kind of a big deal!

  • Candidate Screening Questions.

This feature allows the hiring manager to set screening questions for potential candidates to help eliminate unqualified applicants. Anyone using ZipRecruiter to post their job listing can do this by creating custom questions and choosing a multiple choice, yes/no, or free form answering system.

  • Embedded Resume Viewer.

The resume viewer allows you to easily move back and forth between a candidate’s resume, cover letter, and answers from the screening interview. This feature was big for us as we were able to see that ZipRecruiter put some thought into UI from the back end making viewing resumes easier and faster for the employer! Now who would want that.

  • New Applicant Alerts

With this feature, the employer will receive an email notification every time a new candidate applies to one of your posted jobs. As we personally know, sometimes things can get busy and things can get lost, therefore having an email notification system can be very useful if you are a busy bee like us!

Social networking is in! With this feature you can post job openings to your own Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Which in result can make your talent pool even larger!

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Through our ZipRecruiter review, we found that ZipRecruiter has plans starting from $249 per month. This may seem a little pricey if you’re a small brand, we would have to agree. However, we also found that ZipRecruiter will customize a plan and price for your company’s unique hiring needs based on a variety of factors:

  1. How many job ads you need to post
  2. Second, the number of resume downloads you want
  3. Next, the amount of user seats you need
  4. Your industry
  5. And lastly, your location.

If you are looking to compare ZipRecruiter to another very similar platform, check out this article that compares and contrasts ZipRecruiter vs Linkedin!

The Pros of ZipRecruiter

A few benefits we found while looking into ZipRecruiter that were worth noting are:

  • There is no limit to the number of candidates that can apply to your posted job ads.
  • The site is convenient and easy to use. If you prefer, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time to the plan that suits your needs.
  • Many other job boards require a fee to post ads. However with ZipRecruiter it’s included in your monthly subscription which we thought is a huge plus.

ZipRecruiter is also free to use for job seekers, which is a benefit for your potential candidates and can also really open the talent pool!

The Cons of ZipRecruiter

Like every website or service, there are always downsides. However, we only found a couple of cons for this recruiter tool! The limited support was an issue for us. Phone support and live chat are only available Monday-Friday 7am to 5pm PST. Another con would have to be the brief free trial period. You only have a four-day free trial to decide whether the service is right for your business and your needs.

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Our Conclusion

All in all, with the few notable features we listed and a thorough review, we believe ZipRecruiter is a great tool if you’re feeling overwhelmed in the hiring process and need an extra helping hand. With ZipRecruiter, you’ll be able to sort your way through the madness of hiring. To help you, you can use ZipRecruiter’s UI that is geared to help recruiters easily manage all resumes. If there is one thing ZipRecruiter has that sets it apart from its competition, we would definitely say that the candidate screening feature really goes above an beyond to help job seekers filter out resumes and is something that you typically won’t find with other services.


We hope you enjoyed our ZipRecruiter review and were interested in reading up on the pros and cons of ZipRecruiter as much as we enjoyed learning and writing about them.

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