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It’s almost Christmas. You know what that means? It means it’s almost the “white elephant gift exchange” time of year—one of the funniest holiday festivities around. But beware, it can turn cozy living rooms into WW3. With plenty of drama, suspense, revenge, what’s not to love?! Of course, there’s always the stress factor that comes with white elephant gift exchanges because there is such a wide-range of present options: something funny, unique, handy or even… nice. To make this fun holiday festivity less stressful for you, we’ve come up with 10 white elephant gift ideas. Trust us, these white elephant gift ideas will surely liven up your present exchange this year.

If you’ve never heard of a white elephant gift exchange, a white elephant gift exchange, Yankee swap or Dirty Santa as it’s also known as, is a party game where amusing, usually impractical gifts are exchanged during festivities. Typically, the objective of a white elephant gift exchange is to amuse party-goers rather than to gift a genuinely valuable or highly sought-after item.

Without further ado, enjoy our 10 white elephant gift ideas for this Christmas holiday!


White Elephant Gift: Under $20

1. Shakespearean Insults Shakespeare Shot Glass Set

Buy Now: $16.95

Any Shakespeare fans? Get your Shakespeare on with this hilarious set of shot glasses that are ten times funnier when you’re drunk–you banbury cheese! Anyone who receives these shot glasses in a white elephant gift exchange will surely get a good giggle.


2. Tstars Go Jesus It’s Your Birthday Ugly Christmas Sweater Style Men’s Sweatshirt

Buy Now: $19.95

Nothing says white elephant gift exchange quite like an ugly Christmas sweater, or in this case, an ugly Christmas sweatshirt. “Go Jesus, it’s your birthday” … *cringe*.


3. Cards Against Humanity: Red Box Game

Buy Now: $20.00

You probably knew this card game was coming in our white elephant gift exchange ideas. Cards Against Humanity is the perfect adult card game that is equally as hilarious sober or drunk.


4. Talking Tables PROSE-PONG Prosecco Pong Bachelorette Party Drinking Game

Buy Now: $17.61

Prosecco pong is essential to any party! Interested in a classier version of beer pong? This is your best bet!


5. Komyufa Women Memory Foam House Slippers Cozy Animal Home Slipper Indoor Outdoor

Buy Now: 18.99

Whoever receives fluffy animal slippers in this year’s white elephant gift exchange will have the priceless gift of warm feet all winter long.


White Elephant Gift: Under $50

6. WHAT DO YOU MEME? Party Game

Buy Now: $29.99

Do you have a meme master in your midst? Gift them this hilarious ADULTS only card game and test their meme knowledge! They will love it!

7. 3 Foot Build A Head Big Logo Big Heads Cardboard Face Cutout

Buy Now: from $49.99

Creep your friends out by gifting them this 3-foot cardboard cutout of your face! It will haunt their dreams… Perfect for a white elephant gift exchange.

8. Cereal Killer Bowl

Buy Now: $32.95

For your pal who loves horror flicks or crime shows, they will love this hilarious “cereal killer” breakfast bowl.

9. Rabbit Tanaka Game of Thrones Logo Soft Fleece Blanket

Buy Now: $44.95

Any Game Of Thrones fans in the house? Well if there are, we’re sure they’d appreciate this GOT throw blanket!

10. Chia Pet Bob Ross with Seed Pack

Buy Now: $20.99

Who wouldn’t want a growing plant in the shape of an angelic idol? This is a funny and seemingly pointless gift that’s perfect for your white elephant gift exchange!

We hope you enjoyed reading our 10 white elephant gift exchange ideas and buy a couple for your white elephant gift exchange party this year! These hilarious white elephant gifts will surely make for an amusing festivity.

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