DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Little One! Video Tutorial Included!

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While the trick-or-treat part of Halloween may be for our kids, let’s be honest, the costume part is totally for our benefit! There’s just something about seeing our little one in a totally adorable outfit that makes us want to take a TON of pictures for Instagram and show them off to everyone in our neighborhood.

If you agree wholeheartedly but you still haven’t figured out what you want your son or daughter to be this year, we’ve got some super cute DIY Halloween costume ideas that are (relatively) quick, painless and, best of all, very inexpensive to make. (No, really!) Don’t forget to keep scrolling down and check out the other two costume videos!

DIY Halloween Costume Idea #1 – Cloudy Claudia

Materials: $10

All these items from our DIY Halloween costume ideas are available on Target.

#1: I put the padding on a flat surface. Then with a marker, I draw a cloud shape on it (make sure it’s big enough to cover the front of your child’s body (actually, it should extend a bit farther than that!). Then with my scissors, I cut the cloud shape out.

#2: With the padding that remains, I put the cloud I already have on top of it and cut another cloud shape (because remember, your child will need one for their backside too).

#3: Although this is totally optional, with some white thread, I sew the sides of each cloud; that way the padding stays nice and neat.

#4: Now I sew the clouds together. Only the sides of them though because my child needs to be able to “step into” the cloud at the end.

#5: It’s time to make the suspenders. First, I find the direct middle of the cloud. Then I put one ribbon on each side and sew them onto the inside of the cloud. (Make sure that you don’t sew them into both sides of the cloud. One side of the ribbon goes on the front; another side goes on the back.)

#6: With the three different shades of blue felt, I cut out different sizes of raindrops. With a straight pin, I pin them strategically onto the black leggings. Then I sew the drops onto them (removing the pins afterward, of course!). I make sure to only sew the top and bottom of each drop; that way, none of the drops will tear once my child puts them on. I do this on the front and back of the leggings.

#7: I put the turtleneck, leggings, and finally, the cloud on my little one. Then I drive them crazy with all of the pictures I take with my phone!

DIY Halloween Costume Idea #2 – Adorable Octopus

Materials: $10

  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • White Padding
  • 4 Pairs of Tights
  • Long-Sleeved Bodysuit (No Prints or Designs)
  • Beanie
  • 1 Pair of Plastic Eyes
  • 1 Pair of White Socks

All these items for DIY Halloween costume ideas can be bought from Etsy if you don’t have them at home!

#1: I start off by making the tentacles. I do this by pulling out the white padding, laying it on a flat surface, and cutting vertically down it six times so that I have six large strips (each one the same width).

#2: With three pairs of tights that I have, I take one of the strips of padding and stuff them into each leg of the tights. I don’t cram the padding. I want the padding to be elongated.

#3: Then, with my needle and thread (it’s best to use thread that’s the same color as your tentacles), I sew the padding into place right where the padding ends. It keeps the padding from “riding up”, plus it also makes it easier for the tentacles to swing around (you’ll see what I mean in just a sec).

#4: Use the other pair of tights that I have, I sew the top of the “tentacles tights” to the top of those, right where the elasticity is. I do this all the way around the top of the tights.

#5: Once my tentacles are done, I move on to the octopus’s head. With the white pair of socks that I have, I put enough padding in each one to create two little balls (they are about to be the octopus’s eyes).

#6: Then I sew the balls onto the beanie, putting enough space in between them to look like eyeballs. I sew all the way around each ball so that they are secure on the beanie.

#7: After that, I take the plastic eyes and put each one in the middle of each ball.

#8: Now I’m ready to get my baby, put the bodysuit on them, the tights, and finally, the beanie. Too cute!

DIY Halloween Costume Idea #3 – The Ultimate Unicorn

Materials: $15

  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • White and Gold Ribbon
  • Cardboard Paper
  • Matching Hoodie and Trousers
  • White and Nude Felt
  • Light Pink, Fuchsia, and Purple Felt
  • Multi-Color Wool Yarn (or 3 Different Colors)
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Buttons

All the items for Halloween costume ideas are available on Etsy if you don’t have them at home!

While I’m not going to give the step-by-step instructions for this costume, the video is pretty easy to follow along with. But to make things a bit easier, I’ll provide a few helpful tips.

To make things go by faster, use a hot glue gun

When drawing on the felt, try and use markers the same color (so that black or blue ink doesn’t show up on white or nude felt after you’re done cutting)

Go with a colorful hoodie (the “louder”, the better!)

Don’t forget to wrap the yarn around your hands 10-15 times to give the mane and tail their “thickness” (actually, you might want to do a bit more for the tail)

Sew the ears and horn on last (always last!)

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Enjoy. Oh, and Happy (DIY) Halloween!

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