DIY Felt Vegetables

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These adorable vegan and vegetarian DIY felt vegetables are guaranteed to make playtime for your kids fun and yummy!

Our first felt food tutorial for kids was such a hit that we wanted to include some food options for our vegetarian and vegan friends too. Not only are these felt crafts fun and easy to make, but they’ll also give your kids something soft and plushy to play restaurant or house with.

For these felt projects, we will be making avocados, mushrooms, zucchinis, and slices of tofu entirely out of felt. So grab your sewing supplies and felt sheets and get ready to craft a delicious vegan and vegetarian menu!

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DIY Felt Vegetables Materials:

  • Felt Sheets
  • Needle
  • Thread (light green, beige, white)
  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • Pencil/fabric marker
  • Velcro
  • Stuffing

Avocado DIY Felt Vegetable

DIY Felt Vegetables - Avocado

Avocado Instructions:

  1. To make avocado felt crafts, you will first need to trace the shape of an avocado on a piece of light green felt (approximately 5.5 cm x 9 cm).
  2. Cut out a circle in the middle of the felt (about 3 cm in diameter) and trace on the brown felt. This will be the avocado pit.
  3. On a dark green piece of felt, trace the back of the avocado (approximately 9 cm x 12.5 cm).
  4. Cut the tracings on the light green, dark green, and brown pieces of felt.
  5. Start by threading the brown felt (avocado pit) onto the light green felt (avocado flesh).
  6. Line an edge of the light green felt against the dark green felt. You can hold the two pieces together with a pin for more stability. Using a blanket stitch (with the inner part out), sew the two pieces together.
  7. When you’re about halfway through, flip the avocado inside out and stuff with poly filling.
  8. Continue stitching along the rest of the avocado until it is fully closed.

Tofu Felt Vegetable

DIY Felt Vegetables - Tofu

Tofu Instructions:

  1. For these felt projects, we will also be making tofu. On a white piece of felt, draw twelve square (5 cm x 5 cm in size). You will also want to cut six thin bands from the white felt that are 1.5 cm x 21 cm in size.
  2. Take the Velcro strip and cute six small squares that are .5 mm x .5 mm each.
  3. With a pencil, mark the center of each white square. Take your needle and thread and sew one Velcro square to each felt square.
  4. Take one of the felt bands and place it on the top of the square. Using a blanket stitch technique, sew the band around all four edges of the felt. To sew around the corner, create a 45-degree fold and sew the flattened Velcro along the edge.
  5. Feel free to cut the excess band of Velcro.
  6. Now sew the one other white felt square (with the opposite Velcro material) to the felt square with the band.
  7. When you’re halfway done, flip the tofu inside out and stuff with poly filling.
  8. Continue stitching along the rest of the tofu until it is fully closed.

Mushroom Felt Vegetable

DIY Felt Vegetables - Mushrooms

Portobello Mushroom Instructions:

  1. One of our favorite felting ideas for vegan foods are these adorable portobello mushrooms. Trace a circle with 6 cm diameter on a dark brown piece of felt. Cut a 2 cm hole in the center, and trace that shape on a cream-colored piece of felt.
  2. You will also need to trace an 8 cm wide circle and a 1.5 cm x 9 cm band on the cream piece of felt.
  3. Cut all the shapes out of the felt.
  4. Start by blanket stitching the 2 cm cream circle to the long side of the cream-colored band. This will be the stem of your mushroom.
  5. Take the other end of the mushroom stem and sew it inside the hole of the dark brown felt. As with the other felt crafts, you can add poly stuffing to the inside of the stem.
  6. Blanket stitch the edges of the dark brown felt to the cream felt circle. You will be doing this inside out, so the stem should be on the inside in between the dark brown and cream-colored pieces of felt.
  7. Halfway through, flip the mushroom inside out and stuff with poly filling.
  8. Continue sewing along the rest of the mushroom until it is closed.

Zucchini Felt Vegetable

DIY Felt Vegetables - Zucchini

  1. These felt projects wouldn’t be the same without a felt zucchini! First, trace two long zucchini shapes on a light green piece of felt. Trace another, slightly-larger zucchini shape on a dark green piece of felt.
  2. Cut all three shapes out.
  3. Place the dark green felt in between both light green pieces of felt.
  4. Take your needle and push through one side of the green felt and out the other, tying off in a knot so that the three pieces stay together.
  5. Continue making small knots on the zucchini until the pieces are sewn together.


When it comes to creative felting ideas, it doesn’t get much cuter than these vegan and vegetarian food items. If you’re looking for other DIY tutorials to keep your kids entertained, check out our article on how to make homemade Play-Doh or edible lipstick!