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Get the Cutest Winter Christmas Nails! 

Winter nails

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The holiday season is fast approaching! Whether you have a religious bi-monthly nail appointment or only like to do your nails for special occasions, you’re likely thinking about winter holiday nails you can wear this winter season. The holidays are a great time to flex your nail art muscles or find a creative design to take to your nail appointment. That’s why we’re getting into our favorite winter Christmas nails!

We’re going to share with you 7 of the cutest winter Christmas nails that will bring you cheer all through the holiday season. 

7 Cutest Winter Christmas Nails 

Winter Christmas nails materials

1. Snowflake Nails 

In our video, we’ve created our beautiful snowflake nails with a nude and red background, but you could change it up to icy blues and greens if you prefer a different palette. Using a dotting tool, a thin brush, and some white polish, carefully draw out the snowflakes, starting in the center and drawing outward. Vary the sizes and location of your snowflakes on each nail to keep things interesting.

2. Christmas Holly 

 Holly makes a beautiful choice for winter holiday nails. These types of nails remain fairly easy to create if you have a dotting tool and a thin brush to draw them. In our video, we create a greenery look with yew, mistletoe, and holly, but you can stick to simple holly leaves with two red berries if our look is a little bit too advanced. 

3. Tartan 

Is there anything cozier than snuggling up under a tartan blanket? Create a tartan look on your nails with just a handful of colors. We’ve used white, red, and black to create winter Christmas nails. Yet, you could use other colors to get the cozy vibe without the full Christmas colors. 

4. Reindeer 

Why not carry Santa’s reindeer around with you on your fingers? There were 8 reindeer (enough for each finger!) until 1939, when Rudolph came onto the scene and became the star of the show. Why not do all 8 reindeer on your fingers and do Rudolph and Santa on your thumbnails? You can create these simply with some white, brown, red, nude, and black polish and just a couple of tools. 

5. Gifts 

Gifts are another simple design that looks super cute on any style of nail. Pick your base color (or colors; we use red, but you can use any color you desire). Then, use a secondary color (we use white) to draw the ribbon on the present. You can do all your nails with a uniform look, with the bows in the same place, or mix it up from nail to nail. 

6. Glazed Donut (Hayley Bieber Nails) 

Have you seen Hayley Bieber’s famous “glazed donut” nails? These nails look like you’re growing pearls out of your fingers rather than nails. These nails are fabulous year-round but make wonderful winter holiday nails. You’ll need snow blue polish and pearl powder, or you can create a similar look with white polish and pearlescent polish for your top coat. 

7. Knitted Nails 

Winter Christmas Nails Knitted Sweater

Have you got all your knitted sweaters out of storage yet? If not, these adorable knitted nails will make you want to. This look is more complicated, so if you aren’t much of a nail artist, you may want to take this look to a nail artist, but nothing is stopping you from giving it a go. Choose a neutral basecoat color (we use snow blue and nude) and then grab a glitter powder, top coat, and a thin brush

Apply your base coat, allow it to dry completely (don’t skip this step or the glitter will go everywhere), and then use your thin brush to draw out a knitted sweater design. Do two lines down either side of the nail and then do a criss-cross pattern down the center of the nail. Give it a moment to start to get tacky, and then dip your finger in your glitter or sprinkle it over the top. Allow it to dry, and repeat if necessary. Finally, coat the entire look with a layer of topcoat and wait for the compliments to roll in! 

Get Your Nails Ready for the Season!

Winter Christmas nails can be just what you need to get into the holiday spirit! So grab your polishes, put on a Christmas movie, and settle in for some quality me-time. If you’re looking for more seasonal ideas, we love the Cottagecore Nails Trend. While you’re thinking about holiday trends and self-care, check out our Winter Makeup Must-Haves and 6 Glowing New Years Makeup Ideas.

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