How to wrap weird shaped gifts

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Wrapping gifts, you either love it or you hate it. When it comes to the holiday season, you have all kinds of different gifts to wrap that might not be the easiest shape. Don’t struggle this year! We’ve got you covered with how to wrap weird shaped gifts.

How to Wrap Weird Shaped Gifts

How to wrap weird shaped gifts materials

To get started, you’ll need a few materials. Gather up some ribbon, scissors, a marker, tape, fake flowers, postcards or photos, and craft paper or wrapping paper. For our examples of how to wrap weird shaped gifts, we’ll be using a chocolate box, a candle, and a photo in a frame. We’ll also include some tips on how to jazz up your wrapping once you are finished!

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How to Wrap a Chocolate Box

We’ll get into how to wrap weird shaped presents, but first, let’s start with something a bit simpler: a chocolate box. Take your craft paper or wrapping paper and measure the chocolate box. Make sure to leave a one-inch border and cut the amount necessary for the box. Next, insert the box and fold an edge of the paper. You’ll then lean the other edge inside to join the edges together. Secure with a piece of tape and smooth the edges of the box for a clean look. As an extra tip, fold and hide the tape all on the same side!

To add some decor to this present, place some fake flowers on the wrapped gift. Draw a flower pot where the stem is and secure the flowers with some ribbon. Secure with some tape, and your gift wrapping has instantly been transformed!

How to wrap weird shaped gifts - chocolate box

How to Wrap a Candle

A candle is a very common gift that people worry about when it comes to how to wrap weird shaped gifts. It’s circular, which makes it much harder than the simple chocolate box! But don’t worry, we have a hack for you! You’ll need to have some pieces of tape already cut and set aside so they’re ready to use.

Once you have that, grab your candle and your wrapping paper. Measure your paper so that there is enough to cover half of the top of the surface on each side. Next, fold the paper into four folds and smooth the edge with a round curve. You should have a circular shape now. Make a pleat and secure it to the candle. Continue this pattern by making pleats all the way around the candle. Try to keep the pattern similar as you secure it with tape, and then you’re done!

To decorate the finished product, play around with some ribbon! You can wrap the ribbon around the candle like a cross and tie it in a knot or do a fancy bow on top.

How to Wrap a Personalized Photo Frame

Measure your wrapping paper to double the frame, leaving two inches at the edges. Next, place the frame inside the paper and fold one edge. Take the non-folded edge and wrap it inside to join the folded edge and secure it with tape. Then, fold the corners inside, fold again to the edge, tape, and repeat on the other side.

To add some spice, wrap some ribbons around the gift and secure them flat with tape. Place a postcard on top of the ribbon with some tape. Add some extra ribbon or bows if you want!

How to Make a Gift Bag From Wrapping Paper

If you have a present to wrap that isn’t going to work for any of these methods, here’s how to wrap weird shaped gifts– use a gift bag! Did you know you can still use your wrapping paper to make a gift bag? All you’ll need to do is cut some wrapping paper and tri-fold it. Then, fold up from the bottom to create a crease. Open your fold and press from the bottom to create a diamond shape. Fold the corners down and tape them together. That’s all! Flip it over and open the side that you didn’t fold. It’ll be a gift bag shape!

DIY gift bags can be great when you’re thinking about how to wrap weird shaped gifts. You can use some tissue paper or ribbons to make this gift wrapping look pretty.

Enjoy Wrapping This Season!

Wrapping gifts can be fun and exciting with these tips! You won’t have to stress about wrapping or worry about how to wrap weird shaped gifts. If you’re not sure what to give as a gift, you can never go wrong with this DIY candle! Make sure to also check out our gift guide and our Secret Santa guide and put those wrapping skills to use!