An Internet Challenge Can Harm Your Kids -- More Than Just Tide Pods

The internet is a silly place. Sometimes, it just gets plain stupid. If you’re totally unaware of how stupid it’s getting, then consider yourself lucky. An ever-present trend on YouTube is doing a challenge: everything from ingesting cinnamon to eating the most pizza rolls. Your kids might think they’re fun, but they’re dangerous, and can seriously harm your kids.

If you want to keep your kids safe, take heed of this list of challenges that are dangerous for your kids, before they find out about them first. Keep an eye on these challenges, and make sure your kids never participate in them.

Tide pod challenge


This one begins when someone puts a Tide pod or a similar detergent brand in their mouth and waits for it to dissolve. The foam from the detergent strips essential fats away from your mouth and digestive tract. That’s just the beginning though. Detergent contains bleach, which will burn your digestive tract and induce painful vomiting. It will narrow the esophagus, making digestion difficult. Bleach fumes will enter your lungs, making it hard to breathe.

Kylie Jenner lip challenge


This one might be a couple of years old, but never doubt your child’s power to find this one on the internet. People who participate are told to encompass their lips within a shot glass and suck forcefully inward. The result is engorged lips that would put lip injections to shame. What’s happening here is that the suction from the shot glass forces blood to rush to the lips, and the body releases histamine to compensate. However, just like any challenge, this one is inherently dangerous. Too much lip sucking can break the blood vessels, leading to bruising.

Fainting challenge


This challenge predates YouTube, but is still done among teens on the platform. The challenge begins when someone self-hyperventilates themselves. Someone else then applies pressure to the person’s chest, causing them to faint instantly. This challenge deprives your brain of oxygen, a condition known as cerebral hypoxia, which can lead to permanent brain damage. There’s also the danger of fainting and falling on a hard surface, leading to a concussion or serious brain trauma.

Cinnamon challenge


Cinnamon, as people on the internet have discovered, is very difficult to digest. Challengers take a spoonful of cinnamon and try to ingest it. Ingesting this difficult-to-swallow spice can lead to respiratory problems and even a collapsed lung.

Salt ice challenge

An unrecognizable women is showing a small group of very big ice hailstones just fallen from the sky with violence, holding in her hands. This picture was taken in selective focus on ice, white color sphere shape, impressive hail size has done a lot of damage in march in end of winter season outdoor.

Challengers take an ice cube and some salt and hold the two things together in their hand (or somewhere else on their body). This can lead to ice burns, and eventually, frostbite.

Fire challenge


This one moves the opposite direction from salt and ice, but it’s just as stupid. Participants light themselves on fire and see how long they last. This obviously causes second- to third-degree burns, and even death.

Spicy challenge


This challenge involves teens eating whole ghost peppers or Carolina reaper peppers — the number two and number one spiciest peppers on Earth. This can lead to nausea, vomiting, and hospital visits. Your child might like spicy food, but this one is not worth the flavor.

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