Save the Cheesiness for Pizza, Valentine's Day Should Be Straightforward.

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Valentine’s Day is either the most endearing day of the year or one of the most insufferable, depending on how well you take romantic stuff. If you’re in the latter camp, then you probably don’t take well to cheesy things.

But don’t worry, you and your significant other aren’t condemned to live in a unromantic world devoid of teddy bears and chocolate covered strawberries. You can do Valentine’s Day without all the overly-cutesy things movies and TV tell you to do. Here’s how to make you and your SO’s V-Day a lot less cheesy and a lot more memorable.

Skip the Valentine’s Day pre-made card – Make your own

Valentine's Day

Sure, cards are cute, and some of them do a really good job at expressing your feelings. But does a pre-written card by a large corporation really encompass the undying love you have for your SO’s many quirks? Instead, make your own card highlighting all your funny and cute moments. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-made card with no message inside to craft your own, or make a mixtape of your favorite songs.

And the flowers and cheesy gifts too

Valentine's Day

Instead, try a bouquet of something your SO likes, such as fruit, makeup, or their favorite fast food. If you want to take it a step further, give a gift of an experience. Studies show experience gifts, such as skydiving, a concert, or a spa day instead of a material gift (like chocolate). But we also can’t say chocolates are not a great gift, we all know the way to persons heart is through chocolates

Dinner and a movie is so everyone else

Valentine's Day

Chances are, everyone else will be thinking dinner and a movie too, and everything will be packed. Instead, stay home and cook for each other for a truly memorable dinner. If you two aren’t the homebody types, then make the day an adventure. Think of things both of you can do around your city, make a list, and knock out as many things on the list as possible. Your adventure can take you to a hidden part of the city or a restaurant you’ve never been to before!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!