Molekule Review – Using Air Purifier for a Cleaner Home

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Now, more than ever, it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that the air in our homes is pure and clean. It’s not something that might be at the top of our to-do lists for our home. However, investing in a high quality air purifier is something everyone should be considering moving forward. Not only do air purifiers help to “clean the air” in your home, but they work to rid your surroundings of toxins, allergens and pollutants while also sanitizing the air around you. Especially for those that may have family members who are concerned about pollen or other allergens, air purifiers are almost becoming a necessity for the home. So that brings us to the question, which is the right air purifier for me and my home? Which is why we chose to review Molekule!

We took a look at one of the most popular air purifiers on the market, the Molekule Air Mini Plus. So, what makes Molekule stand out from their competitors? That would be their patented PECO technology that helps destroy pollutants and clean the air in your home. So what is this PECO technology, and how does it work? We decided to test it out and see if and how Molekule stands out.


Molekule Review – PECO Tech

Molekule’s devices work to bring science to your home, by using an innovative technology that utilizes “free radicals”. In the most simplistic terms, radicals are an atom/molecule that are highly reactive towards substances in your environment. This reactivity works to break down pollutants at the molecular level. These types of radicals are often used to destroy cancerous cells. That said, PECO is able to destroy an array of pollutants, including bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens.

During the process of purification, PECO destroys pollutants by capturing and then oxidizing (breaking down) them. This process ensures that any nasty pollutants in your environment that it captures are rid of, replacing them with pure, sanitized air in your home.

Molekule Air Mini Plus – Designmolecule review

So we know about the science behind it all, but what about the look and design of the device?

The Molekule devices have a very sleek, modern and minimalistic design. For example, the build allows them to fit into most modern day interior designs and decor for a home without standing out too much. The device has a nice vegan leather strap in order to transport it. In addition, it has a space at the bottom of the device that can neatly wrap the power cord for cable management.

On the top of the device, power the device on and off by way of touch sensors. This gives the device a bit of a futuristic look, but also makes it very intuitive to control the device and turn it on/off.

Molekule Air Mini Plus – Installation

For the most part, the installation of the Molekule Air Mini Plus was a breeze (no pun intended). When you receive the device, twist off the shell of the device, remove the plastic wrap from the filter, and twist the shell back on. Then plug the device in and power it on.

Overall, the process was quite simple and painless. There was some struggle getting the shell to lock back into place after removing the plastic from the filter. Although, Molekule advises to use a bit of force to lock it into place. Once it’s clicked into place, powered up and the lights are on, it’s ready to go!

Molekule Air Mini Plus – Functionality

Once the device is powered on, the use of it is quite simple. Tapping the power button on the top of the device increases the level of power of the device, but also increases the noise.

On the lowest settings, the device is very quiet and is not disturbing. However, as the power levels increase the device can get much louder. In our opinion, a good balance would be to run the device closer to full strength during the day time. This way, it’s running while you are away, and lower at night.molecule review

Molekule also has an app on the iOS App Store, as well as Google Play that connects via WiFi to a phone or tablet. This app allows you to control the Molekule via your device. For the Air Mini Plus, it will provide readings of filter status, particle concentration levels and even auto refill orders on filters when it’s time for a replacement.

While the app is neat in theory, it does have some issues with connectivity and reliability. This is something that Molekule will need to address in the future in order to be a consistent feature with the product. The device isn’t reliant or dependent on the app though, so it’s not something that concerned us too much.

Molekule Air Mini Plus Review – Final Thoughts

On the surface it seems like Molekule’s device isn’t anything revolutionary. Nevertheless, the PECO technology really is the strength of Molekule and makes this a very interesting buy for those who are worried about allergens in their air or who are consistently exposed to pollutants.

It has a neat, minimalist look to it and can fit in with most decor. Most importantly, it has a very simple installation and functionality. Molekule very much appears to be at the top of the game in the air purification space.

We hope you enjoyed our review of Molekule. Should you be on the hunt for an air purifier, we hope that you learned something from our experience. If you are looking for other ways to improve your home check out our Idle Sleep Mattress Review and Here Is Some of the Absolute Cutest Gardening Décor for Your Backyard.

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