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Subscription boxes, crates, whatever you wish to call them, these mystery boxes ordered via a subscription service have become increasingly popular over the years. From boxes full of the latest beauty items, to new outfits, to athletic gear, kids science activities or even healthy meals. If you have a hobby or something that interests you, there will be a subscription box made especially for you. They even have boxes for education purposes. Most subscription services are set up so that you can go with a one-month renewal plan, or some with a longer duration (3/6/12 months).A subscription service is a great way to get kids a unique and fun gift or a surprise that will actually occupy them. Raddish Kids is a monthly subscription box that delivers your kids a culinary experience right to your doorstep, intended to be done with their parents. We were so excited that we had the opportunity to do a Raddish Kids review for you.

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What You Get In The Box

We received three recipes; Satay Chicken, Mango Sticky Rice and Vegetable Pad Thai. The recipes we cooked for the review were the Satay Chicken and Mango Sticky Rice. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the noodles required for the Vegetable Pad Thai recipe.

You will receive 3 different recipes, including one appetizer, one entree and a dessert. Because we chose Thai food recipes, we received Satay Chicken, Vegetable Pad Thai with Mango Sticky Rice for dessert. The recipes are relatively easy to make, certainly kid-friendly, and you also get the ingredient list for grocery shopping purposes.

The best part is that you receive picture cards that explain what the cuisine is about, especially the culture of the food. This is great and educational as kids get to learn about other cultures through these helpful picture cards.

On a side note: If you’re looking to get crafty with your kids, like you are getting crafty with food using Raddish Kids, give Joann a look for all your craft needs!

Or another great way to keep your kids entertained during this time is through Legos. They are education and really bring the creativity out!

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What We Liked

Raddish kids, Mango Sticky Rice

We liked the picture cards included with the recipes as they are fun and colorful, perfect for kids.

If you think this is going to be a task for you, with your child being a bystander in the kitchen, guess again! Thanks to the pictures and simple instructions, your child will be able to assemble the ingredients and tools by themselves. As the parent, you just handle the cutting of vegetables, using the oven, etc.

The Quality of Products

Raddish kids, Recipe Card

The glossy colorful cards were definitely tough and child-resistant, while also setting a positive tone for kids.

How It Works

Raddish kids, Ingredients

The box you receive comes with quite a few fun items. A useful kitchen tool for your kids to cook with (in our case, a whisk), and recipes on how to cook the dishes is included.


How Can Raddish Kids Improve?

The recipes by Raddish Kids included ingredients can be hard to find. It definitely helps a lot of subscribers to use the kit when the ingredients you need are already included in the box instead of having to find them. If Raddish Kids could provide the ingredients needed with each box of recipes, they would definitely receive a higher rating from us!

Our Initial Thoughts

Raddish kids, Cooking

We weren’t convinced in the beginning as we thought we were only paying for picture cards. However, after receiving our Raddish Kids box and using it with our children. We realized that it has helped our kids learn a lot about other cultures. Moreover, the colorful instruction cards helped to make the whole learning experience better.

Our Final Thoughts

Raddish kids, Satay sticks

If the box came with all of the ingredients needed for the recipes included inside, this would be a no brainer subscription box to get for all parents! Not only is it fun, it helps kids learn how to cook, and learn about other cultures. In addition, it helps with bonding between kids and parents. It’s a win-win situation.

Thank you for reading our Raddish Kids review and we hope this Raddish Kids review gets you to consider giving Raddish Kids subscription boxes a go. Especially, while you’re in isolation!

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