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Entry level accounting jobs are an excellent career path if you’ve just graduated from college or are looking for a career switch. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants earn an average of $77,250 annually, making it a lucrative job to pursue.

Additionally, the job outlook indicates an increase of around 10% in demand by 2026, translating to roughly 140,000 job openings. Due to the importance of regulations and tax laws and the increasingly globalized corporate environment, accountants are not going anywhere. So if you’re after an accounting career, it’s helpful to know the available employment options that require less experience.

Although, as an entry level accountant, you can’t expect the same pay as an experienced licensed professional, your salary will rise depending on the level of responsibilities on your shoulders. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best entry level accounting jobs to guide your first career steps through a sought-after industry. To apply for open positions worldwide, create your ZipRecruiter account and spot top opportunities within a few clicks.

Top 5 Entry Level Accounting Jobs

1. Accounting Assistant

We’re kicking off our list of the best entry level accounting jobs with accounting assistants. These professionals work under the supervision of senior accountants and are tasked mostly with administrative duties. Specifically, they make and answer phone calls, prepare and send invoices, or file records.

Additionally, they’re tasked with bookkeeping duties such as keeping records of financial information or calculating deposits. They might as well run errands for the company, communicate with customers and vendors, and undertake data entry tasks. Their average yearly pay is $38,886. A bachelor’s degree in accounting or a relevant field is usually required for this position.

2. Payroll Administrator

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Payroll administrators process employees’ paychecks, update payroll systems, and educate staff about their salaries and benefits. Additionally, they might assist employees with questions about their salary, help them change their billing information, or resolve issues concerning their paychecks.

To succeed in this position, you need stellar multitasking and organizational skills, as well as clear communication skills, both verbal and written. Hands-on experience with payroll processing software is also considered a plus. The average yearly pay hovers around $59,546, and a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or accounting gets considered a plus.

3. Bookkeeper

Next on our list of the best entry level accounting jobs are bookkeepers. Bookkeepers manage an organization’s payroll and prepare tax documents, invoices, and bank deposits. Their tasks also include tracking clients’ accounts, recording transactions, and maintaining financial documents. Because of their vital role in business operations, this position remains in high demand and ongoing.

As a junior bookkeeper, you’ll need a solid background in accounting, business, or finances and maintain familiarity with basic accounting procedures. Attention to detail, problem-solving, confidentiality, and integrity also comprise sought-after skills to become successful. The average yearly salary for bookkeepers stays around $42,360 per year. Search for bookkeeper positions on ZipRecruiter and filter the results based on your location or company.

4. Budget Analyst

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Budget analysts make up one of the most lucrative entry level accounting jobs. They help public or private companies plan their finances by preparing budget reports and monitoring spending. Their role includes using data to make financial recommendations and ensure regulatory compliance. Approximately 4,000 budget analyst positions open every year in the US.

To become a budget analyst, you’ll need economics, statistics, and accounting knowledge. Then, the work environments you’ll be able to work in are usually governments, universities, or private companies. The yearly pay is between $55,254 to $70,378 depending on your skills and qualifications with growth prospects.

5. Public Accountant

Our list of the best-paid entry level accounting jobs would not be complete without public accountants. Starting out, public accountants perform auditing, taxes, consultations, and accounting services for public firms. In addition, they maintain financial data, create reports, and calculate income for accuracy and legal compliance. However, you might not find this job listed under “public accountant.” Entry level positions are often referred to as “junior associates” and work in governments or nonprofit organizations.

Apart from a relevant educational background, public accountants must be certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Only those with a CPA designation can perform audits of publicly traded American corporations. In some states, individuals need to meet additional requirements as well. Their average pay is around $58,252 to $88,746 per year. 

Time to Apply for Your Next Entry Level Accounting Jobs!

In summary, if you’re interested in an accounting career, entry level accounting jobs are an excellent way to break through the industry. Although you’re likely to work with lower pay in the beginning, your salary will increase as your responsibilities do. Hopefully, our list of the best-paid entry level accounting jobs will give you a great starting point when applying for positions.

To gain maximum exposure for your candidature, make sure to create your profile on ZipRecruiter. Then, start applying for job openings locally or internationally, connect with employers, and arrange interviews. Good luck!