Potty Training in 3 Days

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Potty training can be a nightmarish task for some moms, especially working moms who do not have the luxury of time. My friend told me she took three months to potty-train her daughter and patients is key. Well, fret not! I am going to show you how to potty train your kids in three days with these potty training tips? Are you ready? Sit on your big potty now and let’s start!

The key to potty training your kids

You may ask, what is the key? Well first it’s to educate yourself before you decide on a date to embark on your potty training journey. As a mom, you need to be equipped with the “Dos” and “Don’ts” and not to fret if your toddler does not get it right at first. According to Potty Training author, Lora Jensen, it can be achieved in three days. Lora Jensen says you must prepare yourself and must be ready to give up your “Me” time, ensure shopping is out of the way and prepare meals ahead of time.

Oh yes, get laundry and house cleaning out of the way too. In this time, you will engage your toddler in games, doodle, watch cartoons and spend the entire time bonding. A key thing to note is that in this time, you should not scold your toddler if accidents happen because this is a learning process, clean up and encourage the child to go to the toilet when the urge comes. Praise goes a long way and instills confidence.

As a parent, make sure you are mentally and physically ready by teaching your kids the words to say, know his/her schedule, use rewards like stickers & tattoos to motivate and keep him or her interested, identify the potty training products you want to utilize for this mission.

Also before we get into it, you might want to check out a few night lights to get your kiddos and place them around the house, making it easier at night to go to the potty!

Potty training - Best Potty Training Watch That Will Remind Your Kids to Go Potty

Things you need to get you started:

  • Potty Chairs – Choose they theme that will best fit your child’s wants/needs and make then excited to sit on the potty.
  • Potty Seats
  • Step Stools
  • Training Pants
  • Potty Training Doll – Matching the gender for demonstration and explanation.
  • Books & DVDS – For entertaining yourself and your kids.
  • Potty Training Charts – To monitor frequency.
  • Character Underwear – It can be your child’s favorite character! Here are a few for your daughter or son!
  • Potty Watch – To remind your child to go potty.
  • Toilet Targets – Makes it exciting while creating a sort of game.
  • Urinals [optional] (for little boys) – Why you may ask? Because you might want to get your little one used to the first method first, which would be sitting on the potty. This will help avoid confusion when they are first starting training. Then once they are aware, you can teach them the urinal version of going potty!

potty training is all about patience, read a few books with your child while potty training, making time on the potty pass much easier! check out these best books for babies and toddlers!

Now that you have everything you need, let’s begin.

Potty training - Best Training Seat

How do you know it’s the right time?

Watch closely for the sign. The child must show that they are physically ready, meaning, they are able to sit, stand and walk with ease. They should also have regular bowel movement, and be able to remain dry throughout the entire day.

Cognitive and verbal articulation is important for the child to be able to pull down the pants and to express the urge to visit the toilet. The child must be able to understand simple and consistent instruction and stops his or her activity to go to the potty upon nature’s calls.

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Potty Training in 3 Days - When do you know its time to start

For these three days, you and your child are like commandos

Dedication and discipline is key. Remember, accidents are unavoidable but positive reinforcement goes a long way, eliminating fear, instilling confidence.

On the selected block of days, the moment your child wakes up, toss the soiled diaper out of the door having them say, “Bye-bye”. Put on the training pants and give them simple instruction, “Tell mommy when you want to pee”, “Poop” and “Go to sit on the potty” and let the fun and game begin.

According to Lora Jensen, give room for accidents to happen because this is how a child learns. They must learn that when they soil themselves, it is uncomfortable and needs cleaning up, even in the midst of playing games or watching TV. They will learn, it will cause some inconveniences even to them.

However, when accidents occur, clean up and encourage them to visit the toilet or potty when there is the urge subsequently.

Lora Jensenencourages moms to entice junior with drinking more fluids than usual for training purposes to instill that feeling or urge to pee. Have a cup of water within their reach and encourage them to seep. Gently remind them to go to the toilet when they drink more fluids even when they insist they don’t need to. Cheer them on to just try for this is training and you are the coach.

Best Potty Training Reward System

Reward their work!

Have some rewards such as stickers and colorful stars that your kid likes as a source of motivation. Whenever he or she does it right, use these as incentives to spur him or her on. You might want to lead them to the potty every 15-30 minutes, depending on the amount of fluids consumed during this period. There is one exception. If the kid drinks a lot during the day, no more fluids after dinner, take them for one last visit before bed and wake them up in the middle of the night to encourage them to pee throughout this period.

I can’t stress enough the importance of positive reinforcements during accidental peeing. Do not be upset but soldier on and you may be able to complete your mission in three days.

During this period, do anything to engage your kid like playing, drawing, coloring, watching cartoons or DVDs, playing card games, any activity to make it fun for your child to learn about potty training.

Potty training is important and should be started at a young age. We have shown above how you can even do it all in 3 days. It is your responsibility and goal to potty train your child when they are ready and the process should be fun and entertaining. It should become easier so long as you reward them with praises, favorite toys (perhaps from Kiwi Co!!), books and stickers plus your perseverance and tenacity!

Oh and here are a few great books to read to your kids if you have time on the potty and need some entertainment!

Once you’re done with potty training, you can start teaching your kids how to read! Yes read!! How fun!

You can do it Mamis, we believe in you!!