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If you’re not constantly looking for ways to pamper yourself, at the risk of sounding a little on the bossy side, you definitely should! With all of the demands that life brings combined with all that you do for others, you deserve to set aside a little time (and money) to make yourself feel special. One way to do that? Invest in some essential oils.

Out of all of the things we could’ve recommended, you might be surprised that this is what came to mind, but there are three solid reasons why we stand firm on our recommendation.

Essential Oils Are Scientifically-Proven to Be Therapeutic

In order to provide you with all of the health benefits that come from using essential oils, we’d literally have to create an e-book (if not a series of ‘em). For the sake of time and space, we’ll share 15 ways that they are scientifically-proven to benefit your mind, body and spirit.

Essential Oils:

  • Balance Hormones
  • Elevate Moods
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Fight Infection
  • Promote Oral Health
  • Slow the Aging Process
  • Relieve Headaches and Migraines
  • Are a Great Hygiene Alternative (deodorant, toothpaste, bath salts, etc.)
  • Improve Brain Function
  • Heal Wounds
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Ease Pain
  • Thicken (and Lengthen) Hair
  • Reduce Stress

Whew! And that’s just the beginning! Every single benefit that we shared, if you Googled it and added “essential oils”, you’d see tons of links on how oils can help you in these areas—and  more.

That’s not all, though.

Essential Oils Are Healthy and Safe

Whether you choose to apply essential oil directly onto your skin (depending on what oil it is, you may want to apply it to a carrier oil like almond oil, avocado oil or olive oil because ones like tea tree oil, clove oil and peppermint oil can be quite potent), put the oil into a diffuser so that you can take advantage of its aromatherapy advantages or combine the oils together to make your own at-home remedy, essential oils come from nature, so they are health and safe.

Just make sure that you get them in their purest form (look for brands that say “100 percent oil” on the packaging); that way, you don’t have to worry about artificial colors or chemicals being in the oils (which is something that can’t be said about most commercial brand items!).

Essential Oils Can Be Used for Countless Purposes

Another awesome thing to note is that essential oils can be used for all kinds of purposes. While eucalyptus oil is the perfect foot soak, the combination of frankincense and myrrh oils can strengthen your nails’ cuticles.

Chamomile oil can soothe sunburned skin, if you prefer to use something else, try out aloe vera for your sunburn! A combination of wintergreen, cypress and lemongrass oils can relieve arthritis. Bergamot oil can help you to concentrate better. Peppermint and cinnamon essential oils can curb your food cravings—and again, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what essential oils can do for you!

Now that (hopefully) we’ve provided you with some pretty solid reasons to use essential oils. And you’re not sure which ones you should get first. Here are five of our absolute favorites (along with a few reasons why).


One of the most soothing scents you’ll ever smell is lavender oil. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, sprinkle some of it on your pillow, or you’ve got a big meeting coming up at work that’s got you stressed out, put some drops of it in your bathwater the night before. If you feel a cold or cough coming on, lavender oil in your diffuser will break up mucous in your system. Are you someone who has pimples that won’t seem to go away? Lavender oil’s antibacterial and therapeutic properties will reduce inflammation and decrease the chance of the pimple leaving a scar behind.


If any essential oil is a “sexy oil”, jasmine would have to be it. It’s very potent and yet, sweet-smelling at the same time. Jasmine has the reputation for reducing depression symptoms, increasing alertness, fighting the feeling of fatigue and even making PMS symptoms a lot more tolerable. But perhaps our favorite thing about jasmine oil is its ability to boost your libido. Just add it to some almond oil and you’ve got the kind of massage oil that will make for a really great evening.


This oil contains antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that makes it ideal for your immune system. Using this oil is great for treating morning sickness. It stimulates your lymphatic system and cleans your mouth of cavity-causing bacteria and germs that cause bad breath. If you’re interested in how it’s done, here’s how you can maintain your oral hygiene with something as simple as oil pulling. Meanwhile, lemon oil also contains limonene; it’s a property that fights breast cancer tumors. Grove also sells their own lemon essential oil which is a great one!


Although this particular oil isn’t as popular as some of the others, more and more, it’s starting to make a name for itself, thanks to of all of benefits it provides. It contains properties that can rid your body of gas and chest pains. Neroli oil also fights off free radicals while helping your cells to regenerate. And, if you’re someone who works out often and experiences muscles spasms as a direct result, rubbing your body down with neroli oil will relief your muscles’ tension, almost immediately.                                    

Tea Tree Oil.

If there’s an essential oil that can easily rival some of the items in your medicine cabinet, tea tree oil would be it! Certainly very few oils rival it when it comes to its ability to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi (like dandruff and yeast infections).

Tea tree oil is another oil that is great for healing acne. It also relieves itching skin, cleans out cuts and wounds and works great as a natural deodorant too. Lastly, if you want the benefits of Lysol without all of the chemicals, make your own antiseptic spray. Just combine a cup of water with ½ cup of apple cider vinegar and 20 drops of tea tree oil. It will terrify every germ in your house. Guaranteed!

Now do you see why we’re so in love with essential oils? Give them a try! We’d be shocked if you didn’t fall in love with them too!