White and Brown Throw Pillow on White Bed - winter home decor

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Whether you endure snow-heavy winters in Wisconsin or simply feel a little chilly in Louisiana, the winter means that we’ll be spending more time indoors at home. So, the best thing to do is to improve your winter home decor.

But how do you decorate in the winter without simply decorating for the holidays earlier and earlier each year? We’ve got you! Below, you’ll find 5 great winter decor ideas. These include both those that will get you in the holiday spirit and some that are simply seasonal.

5 Great Winter Decor Ideas for Your Home 

1. Put Blankets Everywhere

Ruched Faux Rabbit Fur Throw Blanket - winter home decor
Ruched Faux Rabbit Fur Throw Blanket – Target.com

Blankets and throws instantly make your home more comfortable and cozy! Throw a blanket over the sofa and anywhere else you like to relax. Fold them up so they’re always ready to be picked up and used by anyone to turn into a burrito of warmth. 

In terms of what kind of blanket to go for, we love the deep and rich fall and winter colors. A ruched blanket like this one or a cable knit blanket is a good choice. In addition, this green or red and white throw is perfect for the holidays, and this Microplush Bed Blanket in the red check will give your home instant cozy vibes. 

2. Garlands

Festive Foliage Garland Rustic Christmas Tradition Garland image 1
Festive Foliage Garland – Etsy.com

Garlands don’t just have to be for the holidays! In fact, they’re a great way to celebrate the season. Drape one across the mantlepiece or wrap it around some railings for a great winter home decor option.

For the holidays, this Festive Foliage Garland is ideal, as is this Winter Wooden Garland with Berries. For the rest of winter, try this Blue Winter Garland.

3. Swap Out Cool Tones for Berry and Jewel Tones 

Philips Hue Lightbulbs - winter home decor
Philips Hue Lightbulbs – Target.com

The winter season is the perfect opportunity to add some warmer tones to your home. Consider plaid if you want to add some patterns to a space. For a festive feeling, try jewel tones. If you want more warmth, make sure that you switch out any white lighting for yellower bulbs.

Try Philips Hue Lightbulbs so you can easily change the tone of your lights. Further, you can look to your soft furnishings to change other colors. A few accent pillows–like these Cable Knit Throw Pillows. They work wonders! 

4. Candles

Santa's Cookies Wooden Wick Mini Candle Ginger Bread image 1
Santa’s Cookies – Etsy.com

Candles bring illumination, warmth, and fragrance into your home while providing the perfect winter home decor. There are so many scents out there to choose from, ideal for the winter season, so it is easy to find something you like.

Opt for candle sticks if you want to bring some elegance into your home, or go for a simple potted candle for a safe, but attractive, alternative. You can find hundreds of amazing options on Etsy for winter and holiday scents. North Woods Wicks Co has a ton of (frankly delicious!) scents like Santa’s Cookies and Bourbon Butterscotch.  

5. Update Your Tableware 

Blue Rose Polish Pottery Vena Dessert Plate - winter home decor
Blue Rose Polish Pottery Vena Dessert Plate – Target.com

Updating your tableware is another great place to update your decor and add a little seasonal fun to your meals. These Blue Rose Polish Pottery Vena Desser Plates have a whimsical, cottage, and cabin-like feel. The festive animals on these Earthenware Winter Forest Dessert Plates will be a hit at Christmas. We’ll be using it from Thanksgiving on, no matter what anyone says! 

Time to Freshen Up Your Home!

While you’re updating your winter home decor, why not give your bedding a refresh (being warm means you can drop the thermostat and save on your energy bill) and refresh your wardrobe, too? We’ve got lists of the best Black Winter Boots Women Love and the best Winter Sweaters and Jackets for the Perfect Winter wardrobe, so you’ve got plenty of shopping, decorating, and updating to do!