Animals Wild - animal toys for kids

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Ready to take an adventure through the jungle? Or maybe journey through the depths of the ocean? With Little Passports’ animal toys for kids, your children can learn about animal species through fun, interactive play!

In this article, we’ll take you through our experience with the first package in the Animals Wild box. That way, you can learn more about these educational animal toys and see how they help kids like yours become better acquainted with the big, wide, wild animal kingdom!

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Animals Wild: About These Animal Toys for Kids

Animals Wild - animal toys for kids

Kids have an endless curiosity about the world around them. Many have a keen interest in animals from around the world. But if you’re like many other families, you can’t just go outside and see lions and tigers and bears in your backyard!

So, Little Passports has made the next best thing: adventure kits, filled with animal toys for kids. Each is designed to introduce your child to the type of wildlife that lives in a specific area of the world.

When you sign up for a subscription, you’ll get a box shipped to your home every month. In each one, you’ll find a new adventure. First, you’ll travel to the Amazon rainforest, then to the Serengeti, the Northern European woodlands, and onward!

Every kit comes with a pop-up playset, 3D animal figures, and a host of activities and games. As they play, they’ll learn cool facts about the animals and their habitats. They can even collect the figurines and use them across different sets for more imaginative play.

The First Package

In the very first package, kids learn about the types of wildlife in the Amazon. A pop-up playset provides the background for their adventures in the jungle. As part of a game, they can catapult animal disks into a giant kapok tree. In addition, the toy poison dart frog, macaw, jaguar, and emperor tamarin provide hours of educational animal toy fun!

When we first opened the package, we were impressed with the quality of the materials. The box comes with a pop-up booklet that peels back the 4 layers of the Amazon rainforest. It features information on the various types of animals that live in the different layers, making it easy for even young kids to learn!

The colorful pieces also engage the children’s senses, encouraging interactive play!

The Game

There are 3 parts to the game that accompanies this box: the kapok tree, the launching leaves, and the animal disks.

The tree comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Then, take a few minutes to pop out the animal disks and build the launching leaves. Once everything’s finished, gather your family and have everyone choose their animal disks.

To start gameplay, set a timer for 2 minutes and start launching your disks at the tree. Try to get as many of your disks on the leaves as possible. When the timer goes off, use the instructions to tally up each person’s score and declare the winner.

When we played this, it was a surprising amount of fun for everyone involved, adults included! We definitely recommend playing it whenever you need a game that’s perfect for a wide range of ages.

Once you’re done playing, add the game to your “Mom, I’m bored” jar! That way, they’ll have a tried-and-true fun activity to fall back on when they need something to do.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for great animal toys for kids, then look no further than Little Passports’ Animals Wild boxes! With each box, you’ll have the opportunity to teach your little ones (and yourself!) about the animals that live in different habitats. Plus, you’ll get to build memories with your children by playing fun games and encouraging their active imaginations!

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