It’s safe to say that pulling a fast one on your own kid is one of the most satisfying things ever, however, elaborate prepping is sure to kill the fun out of any good April Fools’ Day prank. That is why simple is the best way to go with your April Fools’ pranks for kids this year. Here, we share 10 family friendly April Fool’s pranks for kids to show our pride and joys that we still have the upper hand—at least when it comes to April Fools’ Day pranks!

10 Family Friendly April Fool’s Pranks!

1. No point crying over “spilt milk”

April fools pranks for kids, Spilt Milk

Introducing one of the best April Fools’ pranks for kids–The Spilt Milk. Don’t worry, this milk splatter won’t actually harm your kids prized possessions. But they don’t know this. This splatter is easily made with glue and soap. Learn how to make this April Fools’ prank here!

2. Sundaes for dinner, anyone?

April fools pranks for kids, Sundaes

Your kids will think you’re the coolest mom ever when you tell them you’ll be serving sundaes for dinner. However, they’ll be in for a nasty surprise when they realize their sundae is actually mashed potatoes and gravy. Mwahaha!

3. Moldy sandwiches, oh the horror!

April fools pranks for kids, Moldy Sandwich

Of course, the actual sandwich itself is fine. It’s the sandwich bag that has ‘mold’ all over it. However, they’ll be extremely grossed out when they find this in their lunch box. Order a pack of moldy sandwich bags here.

4. Ice ice baby!

April fools pranks for kids, Ice ice baby

Another April Fools’ pranks for kids classic! Place a bowl of your kid’s favorite cereal and milk in the freezer overnight, then watch on in the morning as your unsuspecting kid tries to hack away at their breakfast. Breakfast is served!

5. Jiggly juice!

Give your kids a big glass of “juice”, replacing it with Jell-O! This fun gag will have them sipping aggressively and wondering what happened.

6. Got milk?

Put a couple of drops of food coloring in a pitcher of milk (choose your kid’s favorite color). Make sure they’re watching when you nonchalantly fix their morning bowl of cereal

7. On the rocks!

If you want to make your kids think you’ve gone completely bonkers, pretend that you found some pretty rocks in the backyard, and then watch their shocked faces as you bite into one! Little do they know you’re actually snacking on chocolate candy rocks.

8. Upside down house

After everyone goes to bed, flip as many things upside down as you can, like framed pictures, clocks, chairs and toys. When your kids wake up in the morning, they’ll surely do a double-take and wonder what happened.

9. Swapsies!

This prank is perfect for the heavy sleepers in your household! Once the kids have hit the hay, scoop them up and move them into different beds in different rooms of the house! They’ll wake up very confused in the morning!

10. Bubble wrap surprise

This prank will surely wake everyone up in the morning. The night before April 1st, hide a few sheets of bubble wrap under things like rugs, bathmats and doormats so that when your kids walk over it, they will get a nice (and loud) surprise!

Want another April Fools’ gag for the kids? Serve up a plate of this DIY felt food for your kids!

How about fake sneezing some green fluffy DIY slime for a slime-y gag?

We hope you enjoyed these family friendly April Fools’ pranks for kids and try some of them out this April Fools’ Day. Happy pranking!

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