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Flu season can sometimes feel capricious, infecting anyone caught in its path. But the truth is, you don’t have to be at the mercy of flu season’s whim. There are ways that you can fight the flu and maybe even miss it altogether. 

This season is going to be most brutal because we also still have COVID-19 going around. So, it will be necessary to know how to fight the flu and reduce the spread of illness.

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Below, we have some great tips that will help.

How to Fight the Flu

Keep in mind, fighting the flu isn’t about taking some wonder drug and then going about your life as you always have. To fight any illness effectively (and even prevent them in some cases) you have to change your daily habits. Keep reading for great tips on how to help your body become healthier and more able to fight off illness.

1. Focus On Your Sleep

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2. Stay hydrated

PMD Aqua Water Bottle Kit - flu
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Your body is designed to be a well-oiled machine that mends itself from the inside out. Only, instead of oil to lubricate and flush, we need water. When our bodies are hard at work fighting infections, we can become dehydrated very quickly. 

To help regulate body temperature and reduce fevers, drink as much water as you can. Most people who end up having to go to the hospital with the flu are the ones that allow themselves to become dehydrated, resulting in IVs full of fluid.

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3. Take Vitamins and Minerals 

Vitamin C sources chart - flu

The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that your body is fueled with essential nutrition. Essential nutrition includes green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits and vegetables, and anything that’s not full of sugar.

However, when you’re sick, the thought of cramming a kale salad can be extremely unappetizing. Instead, take some vitamins and minerals, or even drink a few green smoothies. It may sound gross, but trust us, your body needs the nutrition. Try adding some vitamin C to the smoothie to easily get the flu-fighting vitamin.

4. Use Cough Drops

Cough drops with honey and lemon slice - flu

Cough drops aren’t just good for sore throats. They’re also great at coating your throat and chest with soothing medicine that reduces the itchiness that results in coughing and wheezing. Think of these little guys as a treat—which you can find in so many flavors—and pop them in your mouth as often as is needed.

The ones with honey in them are even better for you since honey is also packed in anti-inflammatory properties!

5. Eat Soothing Foods

In our age of medicine, chicken noodle soup may seem passe and unnecessary. But, besides being a sick-time comfort food, the idea behind eating this soup actually is grounded in a true home remedy. Chicken broth and bone broth have anti-inflammatory properties due to their amino acids, minerals, and calcium.

Our post about winter foods and soup recipes has a lot of great, easy ideas for soup that will soothe your body and help you relax. If you’re sick, it’s best to avoid people as much as possible (in fact, your doctor may tell you to stay home to avoid spreading it to other, more vulnerable people).

6. Get the Flu Vaccine

Doctor holding vaccination needle and solution - flu

While fighting the flu means you have to have it first, why not circumvent the worst of it by being proactive? The best way to help your body fight the flu is to help minimize the infection by getting vaccinated (if you’re able)!

There are many strands of the flu, so doctors try to anticipate which ones will be in circulation every year. Getting the vaccine makes it easier for your body to fight off flu infections by building up the correct antibodies. So, even if you do catch the flu after getting vaccinated, your cells remember and can start kicking some serious viral tail.

More Healthy Living

Having the flu is a terrible experience, and most people would agree. While for most it isn’t a life-threatening illness, it doesn’t mean that it’s comfortable or healthy on the body. While these tips can help you fight the flu once you have it, the key is to maintain as healthy of a life as possible so that you’re strong enough to kick it quicker.

A good place to start is to cut sugar out of your diet. It’ll make a huge difference in your health, and we have some of the best ways to help you achieve a sugar-free life!