How to get over Flu right away


Winter means flu season. That means potential missed work days, headaches (literally) and stuffy noses. Medicine is expensive. So some home remedies will do instead. Here are six home remedies to relieve the flu.

Stay hydrated


The flu can take a lot out of you, including your fluids. Not only can you get thirsty, but you can also vomit and suffer from diarrhea. By drinking some water, you can replenish your body and keep yourself from being dehydrated.



We know you have a lot of things on your docket, but in your current state, you probably will be too tired to do them effectively or at all. That’s your body telling you that you need to rest. Sleep or even simply laying down will help the body’s ability to fight infection. Getting a full eight hours of sleep is essential.

Cough drops


They might be a simple fix, but cough drops and lozenges really do help with congestion and a cough. Try a couple for a fresh, minty, and less congested feeling.

Soup’s on


Chicken soup has been a remedy for sickness for centuries. The jury is out on whether or not chicken soup specifically helps with the flu, but there is evidence for its curing effects. If anything, the steam from the soup helps clear up your nasal passages.

Let out some steam and let out the flu


Speaking of steam, breathing in some moist, hot air will help shrink the inflamed blood vessels in your nose. Take a steamy shower and inhale the steam.

Neti pot


Sure, it may look weird, but we promise it works. And why wouldn’t it? The neti pot has been a flu remedy for centuries. Get one at your local drugstore and fill it with salt water. Bend down over a sink, take the pot, and stick the end gently in your nostril. Pour the salt water into one of your nostrils and let it run out the other. This will clean out your nasal packages.

How do you fight the flu? Leave a comment below!

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