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Macrame is all the rage this season, which is why we created this air plant hanger DIY tutorial. It may look complicated, but macrame is actually something anyone can do with just a little practice! Once you get the basic steps, you can make all types of DIY boho décor, like coasters, wall hangings, and more.

Re-Wild Your Home With This Boho Air Plant Hanger DIY

Although you can find cords in all different materials, we recommend using a cotton rope. It’s soft, easy to tie, and won’t stretch out over time.

Ready to make your own boho crafts? Read on to see our air plant hanger tutorial!

Materials for the Air Plant Hanger DIY

air plant hanger diy


air plant hanger diy

  1. Uncoil and measure 9 feet (3 meters) of macrame cord. To prevent the ends from splitting, wrap your paper tape around each side.
  2. This air plant hanger DIY uses six pieces of cord. Therefore, you’ll want to cut and tape an additional 5 more pieces of cord of the same length.
  3. Now measure out, cut, and tape another piece of cord that is 2 feet (60 cm) in length.
  4. Slide the 6 strings through your wooden ring. The center of each cord should be in the ring, with the ends of the cords held together.
  5. Place an end of the shorter cord near the wooden ring. Then create a small loop, which will be your gathering knot.
  6. With the other end of the short cord, start wrapping around the gathering knot as well as the other strings.
  7. Once the entire cord is wrapped, tuck the spare end into the loop. Now pull the other end of the string (near the top of the wooden ring), securing the knot. Feel free to cut any excess string off the end.
  8. Now it’s time to start braiding our DIY boho dĂ©cor hanger! Tape the wooden ring to a flat surface. Then divide the cords into three even sections, with each section containing four strings.
  9. Take on section and separate the two cords in the centers. Make a “4” shape with the left single cord. Take the single right cord and place it over the tail of the “4” then under the two center cords. Pull the left and right cords until a knot is formed at the top. This is a spiral knot (half-squared knot).
  10. Repeat this step until you have approximately 4 inches (10cm) of knots.
  11. Now measure another 4 inches (10cm) from the bottom of your last knot. Here, we will make a square knot. Start by baking a single “4” knot like we did before. Then make another “4” knot but reverse (using the right cord to form a backward “4”).
  12. Repeat this step four times until you have 4 full square knots.
  13. Repeat steps 9 to 12 on the other 2 sections of your hanger.
  14. Once that is finished, we can make the basket. Take two cords from the middle section and two cords from the right section and make a square knot 6-inches from the closest knot.
  15. Add another half-square knot.
  16. Do the same basket knot using two cords from the middle section and two cords from the left section. Then repeat the knots once more for the remaining cords.
  17. Repeat steps 14 to 16 once more, approximately 4 inches (10cm) down from the last basket knot.
  18. To finish the basket, we will make another gathering knot using a piece of cord (1 foot/30cm long) roughly 4 inches (10cm) from the last knot. This part can be adjustable according to the size of your pot.
  19. Insert your plant pot, hang the macrame from the ceiling, and enjoy your beautiful work of art!

air plant hanger diy

More DIY Ideas

We know your plant babies will love their new air plant hanger DIY home! Looking for another cute tutorial using plants? You can make this simple DIY terrarium using just a few rocks, pebbles, and succulents! Happy planting!