Shopping Hacks You Need to Know for Amazon and Beyond for 2018

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So you’re looking for the best shopping deals online right? Well you probably already know how to filter by price, and how to search for discount codes. But how can you guarantee the best deal? Here are hacks on how to find the discount of your dreams on any website.

Amazon shopping hack


Found something on Amazon but it’s just a little too expensive? Alter the URL a bit to find a deal. Add “&pct-off=50-” to the end of the URL when you’re doing an Amazon search. This will take 50 percent off the item you’re looking up. You can change the code to any number you want to get that corresponding percent off (e.g., “&pct-off=30-” for 30 percent off). To enter a range of percentages, just add the range after the equals sign. For example, if you wanted to see any offers for your item from 30 to 50 percent off, enter “&pct-off=30-50” on the URL.

Mark your calendar


There are good days and bad days, and even good months and bad months to shop. Discounts are generally the deepest on Tuesdays and Fridays. Weekends are generally the worst for discounts, since it’s a popular time to shop for everyone. Best months to shop are November and (hooray!) January. Worst months to shop are March (spring cleaning makes everyone want to shop to replace their current belongings) and August (back to school season).

Abandon your items in your cart


If you did this at a brick and mortar store, then you’d probably be seen as rude. But online, it’s perfectly OK! Some retailers will notice you had second thoughts about your purchase and will email you a discount code to try to lure you back to purchase. Score!

Mark items that you want as favorites


That little favorite box isn’t just for bookmarking your favorite items. Some retailers will send you an email about your favorite items whenever they’re on sale.

Clear your cookies


Retailers know your clicking and browsing habits. For example. Some retailers will offer a popup for a discount code upon first entering the site, but won’t show it for any subsequent visits. Get around this by clearing your cookies and browsing history every time you start and end an internet session. Alternatively, you can open an incognito window for browsing.

How did these shopping hacks work for you? Leave a comment below!