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Have you been wondering how to save yourself tons of coin? Have you considered couponing, however think it’s too time-consuming? Well, let us be the first to tell you that it doesn’t require spending your Sundays cutting out newspapers into tiny squares. Trust us, there’s an easier way. With the extra money and time spent, you can even use these cheap hacks to spruce up your place! So, If you want to learn how to coupon like a pro, also known as extreme couponing, then keep reading!


1. Find Your Coupon Database

How to couponYou can find good deals just about anywhere, including in your mailbox, in your spam emails, on your phone and in coupon books. However, to save you time scouring through all of these, find yourself a database instead. Coupon databases are websites that bundle thousands of coupons in one place, so it’s much easier to find deals. For example, Swagbucks is a terrific database full of grocery coupons and deals from other stores like Cotton On, Asos, UberEats, and many more! Coupons for everything that you need all in the one place, it’s like a dream come true, right?

Also, make sure to check out different cash back services online, as they could be carrying deals from your favorite stores. TopCashBack is a great one, and has over 4,000 online retailers participating.

2. Always Shop Smart

If you’re looking at how to coupon for beginners and how to extreme coupon, then you are most likely already a smart and conscious shopper. However, you want to make sure you’re always shopping smart, even when you’re not searching for coupons. This will save you even more cash! To do this, utilize savings tools like Capital One Shopping. These are popular money saving browser extensions that help you get better deals when shopping online. Just say you are looking at an item on Amazon, browser extensions like Capital one Shopping will automatically search other online retailers to find you a better price, or find you better coupon codes.


3. Have A List

How to couponWant to know how to coupon like a pro? How to extreme coupon? Have a shopping list! This is the ultimate way to make this process easier. This is because you’ll know which products you plan to buy at the store so you find ones that apply to the items on your list. Either write your list down on a trusty notepad or download a shopping app or a shopping list app so you can easily manage your list and what coupons you need. You can get an handy organizer so you can have all your coupons easily accessible.

4. Don’t Coupon For The Sake Of Couponing

If you’re looking at how to coupon for beginners, then you need to know: Don’t use coupons solely because you find them. You want to know why? Because sometimes an item on sale is cheaper than a full-priced item with a coupon. Pay attention to the sales throughout the seasons. Notebooks and pens tend to go on sale in August around back-to-school time. Whereas baking supplies go on sale in November around the holidays. When possible, search for coupons that correspond with these periods. However, if you find one before this period hits, hold onto it! Wait until you find a great sale to combine it with to save even more money. However, pay attention to the expiration date, or you may run out of time to use it.

5. Start Off Small

That’s right, don’t go crazy with couponing when you first begin. Start off small. We recommend browsing through your chosen store and picking 10 items that are on sale. Then, search for coupons for these particular items. Finally, head to the store and save some cash!

6. Check Your Stores Coupon Policy

All companies have varying coupon policies, so be sure to look up your local store’s policies. To find these, you can go online or even go into the store and ask. Key factors to pay attention to include double couponing, are you allowed to double coupon? Some stores allow this up to a certain threshold, other stores don’t. Just say you have a 50-cent-off coupon, some stores may take $1 off. Another factor, are you required to sign up to their loyalty program? You may need to join the company’s loyalty program and scan your rewards card in order to claim your coupons.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Savings

How to couponThis step is totally optional, however, we believe keeping track of your results to see if the amount you’re saving is worth the effort of couponing is a great idea. It can also be completely motivating to see how much money you have saved with a little bit of effort.

We hope these tips for how to coupon for beginners and how to extreme coupon could help you with your couponing experience and improve your savings. You can save even more after checking out the 10 Best Things to Buy at Dollar Tree and snagging some great deals from this discount store.

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